New Release – OSIM® uAstro™2 Massage Chair

Osim Massage Chairs | massage-chair-review.comOsim Massage Chairs known for their uAstro line, just released their newest massage chair. The OSIM uAstro™ 2  - sold exclusively at Brookstone. This chair will completely replace the original uAstro and is currently available for pre-order. The retail price is $3199 before shipping and sales tax.  Here is a quick list of the new features.

Osim uAstro2 New Features
Osim uAstro2 Massage Chair | massage-chair-review.comUpdates to the Neck & Shoulder Massage. The Neck Massager has been improved to reach the base of the neck and upper back. Offering a wider range then the original uAstro.

Updated Seat Back. The Seat Back has been widened to offer more upper body room. This will help accommodate people with larger shoulders.

Updated Foot Roller. This roller is located in the sole of the feet and works in tandem with lower leg airbags.

Comparatively the new uAstro2 is $200 more than the original uAstro. If you’re interested in learning more about comparable models like the Osaki 7200cr, and Infinty IT-8200 please visit our preferred massage chair partner at

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