If you have been shopping for furniture recently, you may have come across the Cozzia CZ-710, one of the most popular massage chairs in the industry. It’s easy to want to take a seat in one of these after a long day on your feet, and you’ll notice that it was time well spent. All you need is one of the pre-programmed massages and 15 minutes to get the refresh you need for your day.   

The Cozzia CZ-710, also called the Qi SE, is one of the most advanced models available today. Here are some things to know that may help while searching for the best massage chair for you and your family. 

3 interesting facts that you didn’t know 

1. Owned by the Biggest Manufacture in the World 

Cozzia USA is a sister brand of one of the largest manufacturers of massage chairs globally called Ogawa. Ogawa is a brand sold globally and the manufacturer that makes Cozzia’s products and about 70% of all wellness products in the US market. 

 2. Advanced 4D Technology  

The 4D technology in Cozzia and Ogawa products is some of the most advanced in the industry.  

The technology was designed by engineers from Panasonic and Fujiiryoki, two of Japan’s top massage chair brands. The technology specializes in pressure sensors and offers the most advanced 4D technology on any massage chair. It is currently unmatched in the market. The 4D technology uses patented technology that is only utilized in Ogawa manufactured products. 

 3. Other Models from Sister Brands 

If you are considering the Cozzia CZ-710, we would also recommend checking out their sister brands below.   

  • JPMedics Kumo 4D (same model as the CZ-710, but is made in Japan) 
  • Brookstone Mach IV (same model as the CZ-710, but sold under the Brookstone name) 
  • Ogawa Master Drive AI (step-up to the CZ-710 & CZ-715 models) 

Other Useful Info: 

* The CZ-710 can leave a little to be desired if you’re someone that likes a REAL deep tissue massage. See below for models with a deeper massage that are made in the same manufacturing facility. 

  • Titan Pro Vigor 
  • Osaki Maestro LE 
  • Ogawa Master Drive AI 

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