Lucky 7s? BestMassage EC77 review sheds light on why this full body shiatsu massage chair is not a smart bet

BestMassage EC-77 Massage ChairLooking for a comfortable yet affordable massage chair? You may be tempted to turn to the BestMassage EC77 Electric Full Body Shiatsu massage chair recliner.

The chair offers many of the features found on pricier models, including zero gravity w/heat and full body massage by means of eight massage points inside the backrest, along with a hefty collection of airbags in the arms, shoulders, hips, legs, and feet.

The chair retails for just $619 but can be found online for less than $500. Available through the health & beauty sections of online retailers like Amazon and eBay, this electric full body massage chair may seem like an excellent value compared to luxury priced models like the bestselling Cozzia Qi massage chair.

But before you make an investment in any electric massage chair recliner, take time to consider your needs, along with the drawbacks and benefits of any specific model.

BestMassage EC77 Review Pros

The BestMassage EC77 offers some of the same features as pricier massage chairs. But often, the functions don’t work as well as they would on luxury models.

Zero Gravity gives feeling of weightlessness
The BestMassage EC77 not only reclines but tilts backward to a 45-degree angle to promote a feeling of weightlessness, known as Zero Gravity while encouraging a deeper massage.

Airbags contribute to full body massage
BestMassage EC-77 airbagsA total of 30 airbags span from the shoulders to the feet to provide compression massage therapy. But if you’ve done any research on massage chairs, you know that it isn’t always the number of airbags that matter, but the overall quality.

BestMassage chair airbags tend to be noisy and the EC77 is no exception. The compression may also feel too tight and uncomfortable, especially for larger individuals.

Heat promotes post-workout recovery
This zero gravity w/heat massage chair warms the lower back, providing pain relief and muscle recovery after a workout.

Unlike some higher-end electric massage chair recliners, the heat does not extend up and down the chairback but is concentrated only on your waist, and some reviewers said it was hot enough.

Four types of massage possible
The BestMassage EC77 uses eight massage heads spanning from the shoulders to the lower back, which maneuver to provide four different types of massage: Shiatsu, tapping, kneading, and knocking. These are not the dual or quad rollers found on popular Japanese-designed massage chairs. These are made from cheap Chinese components and do not have the humanlike feel of a luxury massage chair.

Intuitive LED controller puts massage functions in your hands
BestMassage EC-77 RemoteThe handheld LED controller allows the user to choose from three pre-programmed massages, or target activity on desired areas. Manually turn on the heat, choose the type of massage, and change the speed of the rollers using the buttons on the intuitive remote.

Heads-up, though. More than one BestMassage EC77 review reported a malfunctioning controller right out of the box.

BestMassage EC77 Review Cons

From the quality of the massage to home delivery and service after the sale, the BestMassage EC77 falls short in many areas.

Painful or uncomfortable massage
Some reviewers said the massage was not as deep and powerful as they have experienced elsewhere, while others called the massage painful due to lack of high-quality padding in the chair. One BestMassage EC77 reviewer complained that there was not enough head support, making the neck massage uncomfortable.

Many reviewers seemed resigned to the less-than-relaxing experience, noting that you get what you pay for. These buyers seemed to feel that any at-home massage was better than none at all, and the massage chair delivered the experience they expected for the price.

Not designed for taller or larger people
Although the chair does feature an adjustable footrest, several BestMassage EC77 reviews noted that the chair does not fit anyone over 6’ tall. Additionally, heavier people or even people with broader shoulders may be uncomfortable in the chair, especially when the upper airbags inflate.

A few reviewers also complained that the electric massage chair did not have enough height adjustment for people of varying heights to enjoy a comfortable back or neck massage.

Some assembly required
The BestMassage EC77 ships to your home in two separate boxes, weighing a total of 300+ lbs. After finding a friend to help you transport the chair into your home after it has been dropped at your doorstep, you’ll need to follow the instruction manual to assemble it. Many reviewers said the instructions were basically worthless and muddled through assembly on their own, eventually figuring it out.

If you already suffer from back trouble and are looking for a shiatsu massage chair to alleviate back pain, do not attempt to move the chair.

Many luxury model massage chairs offer white glove service. Professionals deliver the massage chair directly where you want it and assemble it for you. Then they take the time to show you how to work the remote control and access all the features.

When you purchase a BestMassage EC77, you are left to figure it out on your own.

Buyer beware: FDA “listed” designation means nothing
BestMassage EC77 ReviewSome photos online show this massage chair with an FDA seal. This does not mean it is able to treat an illness or injury. It just means the manufacturer paid money to have the massage chair “listed” with the FDA.

You are not getting a more effective chair, or an FDA-reviewed, or physician-approved massage chair. This chair may help to alleviate back pain, aid in muscle recovery, and help you feel refreshed or rejuvenated.

But it’s just as likely the BestMassage EC77 will cause headaches if it breaks down.

Warning: The BestMassage EC77 Electric Full Body Massage Chair Is NOT A Long-Term Investment

The BestMassage EC77 retails for around $600 and is available for even less through health & beauty retailers. This doesn’t compare to $5,000 massage chairs, but it is still a hefty sum of money for many people.

How long would you expect to keep a $600 piece of furniture in your home? Five years? Maybe more?

Not with the BestMassage EC77.

Parts break after a year, reviews say
BestMassage EC77 reviews on reputable sites show that parts break after just a year—or sooner. And it is nearly impossible to find customer service or support for these electric massage chairs.

Amazon, eBay and other sites are filled with BestMassage EC77 reviews from consumers who purchased the massage chair only to have it stop working after two months, nine months, or even just a few days.

No customer service
Most consumers who had issues said their calls and emails were ignored by BestMassage and the parent company, Cavalier Wholesales. (Read our review of Cavalier Wholesale here.)

You may have to pay for shipping, as well as parts and repairs
The company cannot ship parts and will not send a person to your house for service, so you are left paying to ship the chair back for repair.

No extended warranty options
The chair only comes with a one-year warranty, with no option to extend the warranty.

Compare this to the warranty available on chairs purchased through and other experts. Reputable massage chair dealers provide an extended warranty of up to five years for parts and labor. The warranty includes a “Repair or Replace Promise,” so you are guaranteed to have a working massage chair and it shouldn’t cost a dime.

You may have to pay to get rid of your BestMassage electric massage chair recliner
Maybe you are okay with a “throwaway” model that you can replace if the leather rips or parts break. But the BestMassage EC77 massage chair weighs over 300 lbs. and you can’t just put it out with your household trash.

You might wind up paying to have someone take the chair away.

BestMassage EC77 Review Conclusion

With shady customer service and low-quality components, the BestMassage EC77 electric massage chair is not designed to last.

It’s true that we live in a disposable society and many people don’t mind keeping a piece of furniture for a year or less and then moving on to the latest model. But when it costs $300 or more to get rid of the chair, you may want to reconsider and save yourself the hassle.

Zero gravity w/heat at an affordable price
30 airbags for compression massage
Three massage settings
Four types of massage
Intuitive, handheld LED controller

Poor customer service
Buyer pays return shipping if there is a problem
No extended warranty
Assembly required
White Glove Service not available
Reports of parts breaking after a year
Uncomfortable massage experience
Limited height adjustment

If you still decide that you would like to purchase a BestMassage EC-77 Massage Chair, please use our affiliate amazon link below.

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