Cozzia massage chairs, a major massage chair brand in the US has just announced the release of their Cozzia Qi SE massage chair. We were lucky enough to try out a sample of the newest luxury massage chair by Cozzia, and here are our introductory thoughts on the experience. The Cozzia Qi SE massage chair has a similar design and features of the Japanese manufactured Fujimedic Kumo. They are both the first ever 4D L-Track massage chair, combining the fluid humanlike motions of the 4D massage roller mechanism with the extended coverage of the L-shaped roller track. The Cozzia Qi SE will provide very adjustable massage from the back of the head all the way under the seat for the glutes and back up again.

Cozzia Qi SE Massage Chair The Qi SE features rich styling with beautiful stitching and a very comfortable feel to the plush seat. To operate the chair you have the Cozzia touchpad with all of the functions easily accessible right on the screen for easy navigation through the various programs and adjustments. The chair will give you the option to create and save your various massage preferences to get you to relaxation in seconds. Most massage chairs will require you to manually adjust the chair, making the quick one touch access a great function to have.

The Cozzia Qi SE is inspired by advanced technology and modern design. Similar to most cutting edge massage chairs, the massage chair will utilize a dual body scan to measure your specific spinal curve as well as the location of the neck and shoulders for precise massage for every user. The 4D rollers are heated to emulate the feeling of warm hands and radiate the warmth into the muscles to melt away tension from deep within the tissue. Those with knee pain will especially enjoy the chairs exclusive heated knee massage that can be adjusted to use on the calves as well.

Cozzia Qi SE Massage Chair

Enveloping the body are 60 airbags to provide circulation and gentle stretching to the whole body. Zero Gravity recline puts you in the optimum position for relaxing and lengthening the muscles along the spine while foot rollers knead away. You’ll enjoy your own music through the built-in speakers using Bluetooth technology. Next generation color light therapy calms the body and mind through patterns of varying colors.

As Cozzia States “With over 20 years of experience and the largest manufacturing facility of robotic massage globally – Cozzia has become a leader in the robotic massage industry through innovating massage technology and designing products for the U.S. consumer.”

Here’s a cool video of the Ogawa Master Drive. This chair inspired many of the cutting-edge features found in the Cozzia Qi SE. Sorry, this video isn’t in English and doesn’t currently have any English subtitles. We suggest hitting mute and enjoying the cool graphics as they explain the features.

Our Thoughts

Some massage chair shoppers might be wondering what is best for them, an L-track or 3D massage chair. This chair is claiming to offer both technologies in the same chair. There are still a lot of different chairs and technologies to choose from and we suggest checking out the L-track vs 3D massager – What’s Best? Article. If you’re already set on what style of chair would be best check out out Top 10 Massage Chairs, and our Top 7 L-track massage chairs.

The exciting new release will be available in the coming months at Top Massage Chair Stores. For more information on the Fujimedic Kumo or all new Cozzia Qi SE, feel free to leave a question in the comments below! Check out some of the most state of the art massage chairs at

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