Check out the newest massage chair from Fujita, the Fujita SMK9070 massage chair. At first look, this chair seems to have some similar functions as the new Infinity Iyashi massage chair. The SMK9070 chair is available in 6 different colors. Let’s do the Fujita SMK9070 Review and take a closer look at the massage chair. Make sure to read down to the bottom to see our final conclusion and comparable massage chairs.

Fujita SMK9070 Review | Features

Fujita SMK9070 Review | Back Massage

Fujita SMK9070 Review - Color OptionsThe Fujita SMK9070 massage chair comes with many of the features you would expect from a massage chair in this price range. The back massage is given by 4 35″ quad head rollers that is able to massage from below the tail bone to the top of your neck, which is one of the longest ranges I have seen besides the Infinity Iyashi. The quad head makes the massage feel more humanistic while the power of the 13 motor system allows a massage from vigorous to a deep tissue. The rollers follow the natural curvature of your spine with the S-Track technology and have 5 intensity settings. The Infrared Body Scan Technology is very good at accurately detecting your body size and making sure the rollers know where to massage. We did find that the rollers were a little too hard at times and may require a little extra padding. The moveable heating pad that comes standard on the Fujita SMK9070 is nice to be able to put in the exact place you need. The heat helps to loosen up the muscle tissues helping to relieve tension and allows for a much better massage.

Fujita SMK9070 Review | Airbag Compression Massage

The Fujita SMK 9070 massage chair comes equipped with 46 airbags strategically placed throughout the massage chair and has 3 adjustable levels of intensity. The new W-shaped airbags in the waist massage the hips thoroughly and we find it very relaxing. The new Thai massage is pretty cool. The airbags in the shoulders inflate to “pin” you into the seat while the chair massage and stretches your upper body. We do find that the new Thai feature is really nice.

  • SWING MASSAGE: Utilizing the airbag technology, Fujita incorporates a new innovative swing program that can create a cradle type massage feel that eases your tension and helps you to relax.
  • TWIST MASSAGE: The new twisting program of the Fujita SMK9070 massage chair is aimed at the pelvis and waist. The twisting motion helps to relieve aches caused by idle sitting which is great for people who are in an office all day.
  • HAND MASSAGE: The new structure in the armrest allows for 3 airbags to give you a compression massage aimed at your hands.
  • LEGS AND FEET MASSAGE: Combine the airbags with the function of the mechanical foot roller for a Shiatsu and vibration massage on your legs and feet. The incorporated heating function helps to breaks down the aches and pains while the massage gives you an invigorating feeling.
  • NECK MASSAGE: The special neck massage feature directly targets the “tsubo points” on your neck for increased relief of tension.

 Fujita SMK9070 Review | Additional Features

Zero Gravity: The one touch Zero Gravity is a great feature every massage chair should have. It is a position pioneered by NASA that puts your feet about level with your heart. In this position, your the pressure and tension is relieved from your spine and allows the Fujita SMK9070 massage chair to give you a much better massage.

Space Saving Design: Many massage chair as they recline need room behind it. The Fujita SMK9070 only needs 10mm behind it in order to recline or go into the Zero Gravity position. This is a great feature if you have a smaller area in which to put you massage chair.

Sync Movement Design: Base on the principle of Fall-to-Sleep design, when the backrest is lowered backward, armrest will adjust automatically to reach appropriate massage posture.

Automatic Programs:  7 easy to use healthcare auto programs. You also get full control of all the functions at your fingertips. Customize massages to best meet your needs with the easy to use one-touch controls.

 Fujita SMK9070 Review | Final Thoughts

The Fujita SMK9070 price is $6299 which is really high based on the features you get. There are many similar massage chair that you can find for a cheaper price such as the Osaki OS-7075r massage chair. In the same price range, you can find other massage chairs with many more features such as the Infinity Iyashi and the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer. We like the Fujita SMK9070, but the MSRP really is high and we would recommend other massage chairs. If you would like to learn more please visit our preferred partner at

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