The Infinity Celebrity Massage Chair offers many of the latest features, including zero gravity and 3D technology, but you can find a better value in other massage chairs

Infinity is a trusted name in massage chairs, offering everything from the top of the line Infinity Presidential, to the extra-long L-track Infinity Celebrity. While the Infinity Celebrity and the Infinity Presidential share some characteristics, including a 49-inch L-track, two settings of zero gravity, and 3D body scan technology, the Presidential is a superior chair.

In addition, models from other top-name manufacturers, including the brand-new Osaki Maestro, offer even more features and a more comfortable massage for around the same price as the Infinity Celebrity.

Shop around and consider your options before investing in the Infinity Celebrity. Our Infinity Celebrity review will guide you through the pros and cons of this luxury massage chair.


Infinity Celebrity Review Pros

Extra-long hybrid SL-track for longest massage strokes available

Many high-end massage chairs today boast an extra-long, hybrid SL-track. At 49 inches, the Infinity Celebrity is one of the longest tracks available, delivering an invigorating massage from the base of your neck to middle of your thighs.

Japanese-designed quad-head massage rollers mimic human touch

Like the Infinity Presidential, as well as the top-ranked Osaki Maestro, the Infinity Celebrity uses quad-head rollers to mimic the feel of human fingers during the massage.

Automatic footrest extension makes it easy to fit the chair to almost any user

People, like massage chairs, come in many shapes and sizes. The Infinity Celebrity makes it easier for the chair to accommodate users of different heights with an automatic footrest extension.

The footrest, which provides reflexology massage functions on the bottom of the feet, extends automatically to accommodate users with longer legs.

Waist twist and stretching functions offer spinal alignment

Unlike many chairs in this class, the Infinity Celebrity provides a fantastic waist twist program. The side airbags grip the body as the chair twists to assist in spinal alignment. A stretch function also aids in post-workout recovery, pre-workout preparation, and overall limberness.
Rocking capability offers soothing motions to relax you

An under-rated and uncommon feature in massage chairs at this price point, the Infinity Celebrity rocks the user gently from side to side, promoting rest and relaxation.

Apple and Android apps allow you to select multiple massage programs and functions easily

While the LCD remote control is functional and fairly intuitive, the chair’s true capabilities shine when you download the app for Android or Apple devices.

Choose from five different massage functions: Rubbing, Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, or a Combination selection. The app also lets you further customize the massage to select the speed of the rollers and their width.

Airbags provide full-body compression massage

Stocked with 38 airbags for a full-body massage, the Infinity Celebrity can soothe and invigorate virtually every part of your body, from your feet to your shoulders.

Lumbar heat delivers soothing waves of warmth to your back

Like many high-end model massage chairs, the Infinity Celebrity has heating pads in the lumbar region. This function is said to aid digestion and relaxation, while helping to loosen core muscles.

The Infinity Celebrity does not have heated massage rollers, however, a feature found in the Osaki Maestro that is designed to mimic the feel of popular hot stone massages.


Infinity Celebrity Review Cons

The massage can be rough, even painful

For first-time users, the Infinity Celebrity can feel rough and even painful, especially around the shoulders and upper back. This is not a true “deep-tissue” massage chair, but the rollers penetrate deeper than some other models. There is no way to vary the intensity on the rollers, so if you don’t want deep-tissue therapy every time you sit in this chair, you may not enjoy the massage experience.

Compression massage squeezes muscles tightly

Likewise, the powerful, second-generation airbags, which may be seen as a benefit to some users, may squeeze too tight for others. The stretch function, in particular, is not for massage newbies or those who aren’t seeking serious realignment for pain relief.

Body scan technology is not 100 percent accurate

Like many massage chairs in its class, the Infinity Celebrity uses body scan technology to define pressure points and place the massage rollers at the proper width for your body. But online reviews indicate the programming doesn’t always get it right. Fortunately, you can also make manual adjustments to the roller position and the massage field width.

Massage chairs like the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro feature state-of-the-art double body scan technology that hardly ever misses a beat.

Limited availability

The Infinity Celebrity is only sold through one brick-and-mortar retailer. If, after reading our Infinity Celebrity review, you still have your sights on the chair, you’ll miss out on the convenience of ordering a massage chair and having it delivered directly to your home. If you don’t live near a FurnitureFirm store, you are out of luck even getting this massage chair.

This also means that there is very little price competition for the Infinity Celebrity. While other zero gravity massage chairs often go on sale, saving you thousands of dollars off your purchase, it is rare to find the Infinity Celebrity for less than its $7,999 retail price.

Questionable Customer Service

The FurnitureFirm store, based in Boston, has limited customer service hours, and it is difficult to find reviews about the store. Reviews for its parent company, Mattress Firm, are spotty, with 3.5 stars on the Consumer Affairs website, but only 1.7 stars on the website Pissed Consumer.

Other massage chairs offer better value and more features for the price

Undoubtedly the Infinity Celebrity sports many desirable features, including zero gravity, quad rollers, and an extra-long hybrid SL-track for a deeper, more customized massage. But it lacks in several departments, especially for a massage chair retailing for close to $8,000.

The chair does not have as many automatic massage programs, or massage functions, as competitor’s models. The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro boasts eight different massage programs, including programs customized to maximize blood flow and relaxation in male or female bodies.

In addition, the Osaki Maestro permits you to vary the intensity of the rollers to range from a deep tissue work-up to a gentle massage suitable for beginners. It also has nearly twice as many airbags as the Infinity Celebrity to target specific areas more easily.

The Human Touch Novo XT has a whopping 35 customizable massage programs to provide something for every user.

The Infinity Celebrity is not a bad chair, per se. But if you shop around, you can find a better value for your money.


Infinity Celebrity Review Pros

  • Extra-long hybrid LS-track
  • Quad-head, 3D roller design
  • Automatic footrest extension makes it easy to fit the chair to almost any user
  • Waist twist and stretching functions
  • Airbags for a full body compression massage
  • Intuitive LCD controller plus Android and iPhone app
  • Rocking capability enhances relaxation
  • Lumbar heat

Infinity Celebrity Review Cons

  • High price, very few sales
  • Massage may be too rough for beginners
  • Compression massage may squeeze too tightly
  • Body scan technology is not the best available today
  • Limited availability
  • Questionable customer service
  • Other chairs may offer more value and features for the money


Infinity Celebrity Review: The Bottom Line

If you are new to massage chairs or don’t want a deep massage, the Infinity Celebrity may not be the best investment, because you can’t vary the intensity of the rollers. The chair lacks some notable features available on other models at this price point, including heated rollers and LED chromotherapy.

If you look around, you may find sales on other models of massage chairs, like the Human Touch Novo XT or the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro, that could save you thousands of dollars on your purchase.

With other massage chairs offering broader availability, and a longstanding reputation as superior luxury massage chairs, it may not be worth it to take a chance on the Infinity Celebrity.

You can invest in the state-of-the-art Osaki OS-Pro Maestro for a superior massage and years of reliability. The Maestro builds on Osaki’s years of expertise to create the ultimate in massage chair technology for every user.

Are you ready to shop for your perfect zero gravity, 3D massage chair now?