Is Osaki a Japanese Company?

No, Osaki is not a Japanese brand as many do think. We get this question a lot, making sense since Osaki is derived from the Japanese language.

However, Osaki is an American company based in Farmers Branch, TX, right outside of Dallas.

The Osaki brand was one of the first distributors of massage chair in the USA and are known for quality products with rich feature sets. Osaki does offer various prices on their models, from around $2,000 for their value models, which provide an excellent massage, and the chairs have a high-quality build compared to most brands in this price range. For the customer looking for the best, Osaki has a luxury line of massage chairs with the newest technology and latest features that can cost up to $10,000.

We do find Osaki’s models, around $3,000, seem to offer the best combination of quality and features for the price. I mention this because many searchers online are thrown off by fake top ten lists that are only trying to make affiliate money off of Amazon with chairs at low prices that look great with extensive feature lists. Yes, features are nice, but it is about quality first. Also, none of the people writing the articles even try the chairs.

Osaki may not be a Japanese company, but many of their massage chairs come with 4D technology that is Japanese designed and offers one of the best humanistic massages on any massage chair.