Which massage chair provides the most human-like touch?

The Cozzia Qi and the Human Touch Novo XT2 are both high-quality, high-end luxury massage chairs designed to bring total relaxation into your living room.

Each massage chair has different top features and selling points. They are both favorites here at our offices, where we test many chairs each week.
There are few things we like better than relaxing into the uniquely-shaped shell of the Human Touch Novo XT2 for one of the most realistic-feeling massages you can get from an electric massage chair.

But the Cozzia Qi’s Chair Doctor technology, which senses your pressure points and spends more time on those areas needing a little more attention, works like no technology we’ve ever experienced. We love it.

Not sure which bestselling massage chair you should choose?

Let our Cozzia Qi vs. Human Touch Novo XT2 massage chair comparison guide you to the best massage chair for your personal needs, your unique body shape and problem areas, and your budget.

Human Touch Novo XT2: Affordable Massage Chair for Taller Customers

The Human Touch Novo XT2 is designed with athletes and other active individuals in mind. But everyone can benefit from its extra-long massage, 3D roller technology, and 34 different massage programs.

Human Touch Novo XT2 Massage Chair

The L-track covers 60 percent more of your body than conventional S-track designs, while the chair’s design allows it to accommodate individuals up to 6’9” tall—taller than many other massage chairs in its class.

With a unique design that turns heads and is sure to be a conversation piece in your living room, plus an exceptional stretch program and an intuitive controller, the Human Touch Novo XT2 combines luxury and value, making it a top pick for our review team.

Cozzia Qi: Top-of-the-line Luxury Massage Chair with The Most Advanced Technology Anywhere

The Cozzia Qi has long been a favorite of ours, outranking top-rated massage chairs like the Ogawa Smart 3D and the Panasonic EP-MA73 to be deemed one of the best 3D massage chairs on the market today.

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

The Cozzia Qi uses 4D roller technology, a step above conventional 3D roller design.

The massage rollers move 5 inches above the track for a deeper massage, and can be adjusted in/out, up/down, and left/right for a more customized massage.

Cozzia’s proprietary Chair Doctor technology takes your massage to a new level, detecting pressure points and concentrating your massage in that area. Before each massage, it tracks your improvement in those muscle groups over time.

It can fit users ranging from 5 feet to 6’5″ in height, with an S-track that runs 32 inches down your back.

Cozzia Qi vs. Human Touch Novo XT2 3D Massage Chair Comparison

Dollar-for-dollar, the Cozzia Qi is, hands-down, the better chair.

If you have close to $10,000 to spend on a luxury massage chair, you will definitely want to consider the Cozzia Qi 4D massage chair.

If you are looking to spend a bit less and still enjoy the benefits of a luxury massage chair, the Novo XT2 provides an incredibly humanlike massage. The Novo XT retails for under $8,000, providing significant savings compared to the Qi.

Also, if the zero-gravity or L-track features are deal-breakers for you, the Novo XT will come out ahead.

Let’s look at the features of the Cozzia Qi vs. Human Touch Novo XT2 in our massage chair comparison so you can make the best choice.

Cozzia Qi vs. Human Touch Novo XT2 Roller Technology

The Cozzia Qi uses the most advanced massage rollers you can find, with quad heads that plunge a full 5 inches deep into muscle tissue to loosen and relax your shoulders, back, and neck. The heads are even heated for a fantastic experience.

Not your average 3D rollers, Cozzia calls the technology “4D Vario Motion Robot” rollers.

The Novo XT2 lives up to the Human Touch name, however, with decidedly human-like 3D quad rollers.

Which Massage Chair Wins?

The high-tech design of the Cozzia Qi rollers puts the Cozzia Qi ahead. The heated rollers feel like a hot stone massage, which is another advantage.

Cozzia Qi vs. Human Touch Novo XT Track Design

The Cozzia Qi features a 32-inch S-track that conforms to your back. For users who don’t like the feel of 3D massage rollers on their upper thighs or glutes, the S-track technology hits all the expected spots.

The Human Touch Novo XT2’s 50-inch L-track is one of the longest massage tracks you can find, second only to the Osaki Maestro’s 53-inch L-track design. The extra-long L-track makes it possible for the chair to accommodate users up to 6’9” tall.

Which Massage Chair Wins?

The Human Touch Novo XT2’s extra-long SL-track puts it ahead of the bestselling Cozzia Qi, as well as other massage chairs in its class.

Human Touch Novo XT2 vs. Cozzia Qi Massage Technology

The Cozzia Qi uses highly advanced body scan technology to map your back, neck, spine, and shoulders, adjusting the quad head rollers to fit these parts perfectly.

It also uses something called “Chair Doctor” technology, a first-of-its-kind program that shows how much progress your daily or weekly massages are making in relieving pain and pressure in problem spots on your body.

The Novo XT2 massage chair is also highly customizable, with 34 massage programs and five depth settings for the 3D rollers.

Which Massage Chair Wins?

If you are looking for a truly custom massage and a chair that seems to know exactly what kind of massage you need, and where you need it, the Cozzia Qi is worth the price.

Cozzia Qi vs. Human Touch Novo XT2 Available Programs

When we start looking at the massage programs and customization capabilities of the Cozzia Qi vs. the Human Touch Novo XT2, we can see why the Cozzia Qi is a top-of-the-line massage chair with a price tag that matches its capabilities.

Pay attention here, to understand all the Cozzia Qi offers in customization:

Choose from 13 massage programs that combine 6 unique massage techniques. Further customize the width, depth, intensity, and speed of the 4D massage rollers, as well as the force of the airbags during compression massage.

You can also manually select one of the six techniques for a spot massage on your neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, or whole back.

The Human Touch Novo XT2 is no slouch when it comes to massage choices. With 34 programs to choose from, you can relax, rejuvenate tired muscles, recover after a workout, stretch your body, and much more.

Like the Cozzia Qi, it provides six different massage techniques, and also allows you to adjust the intensity of the air massage.

Which Chair Wins?

Although the Novo XT2 offers more choices in one-touch massage programs, the Cozzia Qi provides deeper customization abilities, putting it ahead in our comparison of best massage chair programs.

Cozzia Qi vs. Human Touch Novo XT2 Stretch Programs

The stretch programs on both chairs are excellent programs for athletes, active individuals, or anyone looking to improve their flexibility or relieve pain with a stretch massage.

The Novo XT2’s “bend and stretch” function relieves pressure on the legs and spine and improves blood flow to your core for effective post-workout recovery, pre-workout massage, or for pain relief.

The Cozzia Qi, however, takes stretch massage to the next level. Save time and target problem areas with four partial stretch programs or experience whole-body stretch massage for excellent post-workout recovery.

Which Chair Wins?

The stretch massage on the Cozzia Qi was one of the first things we loved about this chair. It is genuinely second-to-none compared to any chair we’ve tried and yet another feature that makes the Cozzia Qi worth the price.

Human Touch Novo XT2 vs. Cozzia Qi Controller

Now that we’ve explored the technology and the massage programs of these two excellent 3D massage chairs, let’s consider the ease of accessing those functions.

That is, how is the quality of the massage chair controllers?

The Human Touch Novo XT2 uses an intuitive push-button controller with a full-color LED screen. Just scroll through the options and select the programs you want.

The Cozzia Qi, however, uses a controller that is as high-tech as its massage programming and quad head rollers. Every massage chair includes an iPad tablet and the Cozzia Qi app.

A few other massage chairs today also provide app-based control. The Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair includes a Samsung tablet for control.

The Cozzia Qi was the first to provide app-based control and a free tablet included with the chair.

The Cozzia Qi app is super-intuitive and includes several handy features, including the ability to contact tech support directly through the iPad without leaving your chair.

Quick controls on the inside arm of the chair, another feature not every massage chair provides, let you turn the heat on the roller heads, recline the backrest, raise the ottoman, extend the ottoman, access two pre-set programs, and even adjust the depth of the massage using the dial.

These quick-control features are more robust than the button controls on many other massage chairs, which typically allow you to turn the chair on and off and maybe adjust the incline of the chair.

Which Chair Wins?

Between an intuitive and robust iPad app plus the quick controls on the inside of the arm of the chair, the Cozzia Qi is lightyears ahead in control technology.

Cozzia Qi v. Novo XT2 Air Massage

With 64 airbags, all with intensity control, the Cozzia Qi provides compression massage for your shoulders, hands, hips, thighs, calves, and feet.

Many high-end massage chairs offer an intense air massage. But if you tend to be claustrophobic or don’t enjoy the deep squeezing sensations of a powerful air massage, the Cozzia Qi allows you to adjust the settings for a lighter massage.

The Novo XT2 also hits all key muscles groups with 32 airbags.

Which Chair Wins?

The Cozzia Qi not only has double the airbags of the Novo XT2, but they are highly customizable, whisper-quiet, and use state-of-the-art compression massage technology to deliver a superior full-body massage.

Novo XT2 and Qi Additional Features

We could go on for another thousand words about the differences in these two high-end 3D massage chairs.

The Novo XT2 offers a zero gravity setting, which places the user in an inclined position promoting better circulation and relaxation. This NASA-developed technology is available on many luxury massage chairs but is noticeably lacking on the Cozzia Qi.

The Novo XT2 also boasts a space-saving design, requiring only 5 inches of clearance from the wall, even in the zero gravity position.

The Cozzia Qi is not a space-saving massage chair and needs a bit more room to recline.

Both chairs feature Bluetooth speakers and automatic adjustable ottomans, but the Cozzia Qi adds foot rollers for a full reflexology massage.

The Cozzia Qi also offers chromotherapy, allowing you to toggle between three different LED light colors via the iPad controller to set the mood of the room and help you relax.

Which Chair Wins?

The space-saving design and the zero gravity setting on the Novo XT2 seal the deal for many shoppers. If these features are important to you, the Novo XT comes out ahead.

But the Cozzia Qi is a more advanced chair in so many ways. Many buyers are willing to overlook the lack of a zero gravity position and wall-hugging design to enjoy the benefits of the state-of-the-art body scan technology and the Chair Doctor function.

The Cozzia Qi offers significant technology advantages and adds a few innovative features, like chromotherapy, which appeal to technology lovers. The Cozzia Qi delivers not just a highly effective, human-like massage, but a healthy dose of “Wow.”

Cozzia Qi vs. Human Touch Novo XT: Which Chair Wins?

Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

We believe the Cozzia Qi is one of the best 3D/4D massage chairs on the market today.

With heated quad rollers that deliver a human-like touch, state-of-the-art technology, and iPad control, the Cozzia Qi is an excellent investment for anyone willing to spend a little more to get one of the most advanced massage chairs available.