Our Medical Breakthrough 8 review reveals if this zero gravity massage chair is worth almost $10,000

Medical Breakthrough 8 ReviewThe Medical Breakthrough 8 deep tissue massage chair is an older massage chair, but its technology is still effective today. If you are looking for a deep tissue shiatsu massage plus plenty of airbags to squeeze your muscles into relaxation, the Medical Breakthrough 8 is effective.

But the list price of this shiatsu massage chair could make your blood pressure rise. With top-of-the-line massage chairs like the Cozzia Qi featuring Japanese-engineered quad rollers for just under $10,000, or zero gravity massage chairs like the Titan Pro Executive for $3,995 or less, why would anyone even consider a chair with an MSRP of $25,999?

You read that right. You could literally get a brand-new car for less than the retail price of this chair.

Here’s the inside scoop: Medical Breakthrough doesn’t actually sell the Medical Breakthrough 8 massage chair for that price. The company just marks up the price to make the discount more appealing. And that is just one of the lies this company tells consumers.

The truth is: You can find the Medical Breakthrough 8 for a more reasonable $8,749.

Continue reading our Medical Breakthrough 8 review to find out why this chair is still not a good deal even at the so-called sale price.

We will also show you the secret to getting the Titan Pro Executive, a highly effective deep tissue zero gravity massage chair with the same technology and even more features than the Medical Breakthrough 8, for less than half the price.


Medical Breakthrough 8 Review Pros

3D Massage Rollers for super deep tissue shiatsu massage

The Medical Breakthrough 8 employs 3D massage rollers, which go left to right as well as in and out for a deep tissue shiatsu massage. The rollers plunge a full 4.7 inches off the track and into your muscles. If you like a rough massage, the Medical Breakthrough 8 will work tissues you didn’t even know you had, and you will feel as loose as jelly after your massage.

Body-scanning technology detects pressure points for a customized massage

Like most high-end massage chairs in the $10,000 range, the Medical Breakthrough 8 features body scanning technology for a customized massage. Keep in mind, this is an older chair, so the body scan may not be as accurate as what you will get with some new model chairs, like the bestselling Cozzia Qi.

61 airbags deliver a delectable air massage all over your body

Are you looking for airbags for a serious compression massage and stretching program? The Medical Breakthrough 8 delivers, with 4 airbags on your upper arms and shoulders, 8 airbags around your arms and fingers, and 9 on the lower back and buttocks region, which can deliver a twist massage to loosen your lower lumbar and hips. Additionally, 40 airbags around the lower legs, calves, and feet compress these muscles, delivering an amazing post-workout recovery air massage.

Heat to the lumbar region and knees soothe these trouble spots

Most luxury massage chairs have some type of heating element to deliver heat to the lumbar region, and the Medical Breakthrough 8 is no different. But this shiatsu massage chair goes the extra mile when it comes to pampering your legs, delivering heat around the knees during your air massage.

Multiple massage programs and settings for a customized experience

The Medical Breakthrough 8 offers six automatic massage programs combining 5 massage techniques. You can also design your own program and save it to one of three memory slots, accessible via the intuitive LCD controller or Android app.

Three zero gravity settings to promote relaxation and enhance circulation

Not every high-end massage chair features a zero gravity setting. The Medical Breakthrough 8 includes three. So does the Titan Pro Executive, for just about half the cost of the Medical Breakthrough zero gravity massage chair.

3D surround sound speakers and chromotherapy to engage all your senses

The Medical Breakthrough 8 comes with an MP3 player and 3D surround speakers that are specially designed to minimize the noise from the massage chair’s motors for a more immersive experience. LED chromotherapy lighting on the side of the chair wash the room in soothing blue light.


Medical Breakthrough 8 Review Cons

Dual roller heads from China do not feel life-like

The Medical Breakthrough 8 is an older model massage chair that is manufactured in China. In spite of the company’s claims that the chair is manufactured in the U.S.A. or even Japan, it is not. The only massage chairs made in the U.S.A are from Luraco.

The dual roller heads are not Japanese-engineered or American-made and, more importantly, they are yesterday’s technology. They will not deliver the lifelike massage you should expect for a massage chair that sells for around $8,000 (and is advertised for three times that price).

More than one Medical Breakthrough 8 review states that the massage is actually painful. These rollers deliver a deep tissue massage, but that is not desirable for some massage chair owners.

Enclosed foot massage does not accommodate users with larger feet

In our experience, the foot massage on the Medical Breakthrough 8 can be tight for individuals with larger feet. A Medical Breakthrough 8 review on Top Ten Reviews confirmed that the foot massage will not accommodate users with a shoe size greater than 11.

No shiatsu foot rollers

Not only does the Medical Breakthrough 8 enclosed foot massage not work for those with larger feet, there is no shiatsu foot massage capability.

On the other hand, the lower-priced Titan Pro Executive uses three rows of foot rollers on the bottom and tops of your feet for a sublime foot massage.

Medical Breakthrough makes false claims

Medical Breakthrough is known for making false claims. In one Medical Breakthrough 8 review, the manufacturer falsely claims the chair was designed as a medical device. Many reputable U.S. health insurance plans, however, will not cover these chairs. AETNA specifically states massage chairs are not considered medical devices.

We could not find any information, such as FDA approval, for the use of the Medical Breakthrough 8 zero gravity massage chair to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

One of the most expensive massage chairs on the market today

The folks at Medical Breakthrough lie about where the chair is made. They lie about its use as an approved medical device. What else is the manufacturing lying about?

The price.

The Medical Breakthrough 8 is advertised for $25,999. But it actually sells for $8,479 or less.

Nearly $9,000 is still too expensive for the features it offers.

The Titan Pro Executive, a high-quality zero gravity massage chair from a reputable manufacturer offers many of the same features, and adds a deep tissue shiatsu foot massage, for less than half the price. You will also get Titan’s rock-solid 3-year warranty, with the option of an extended warranty.

Although most of the Medical Breakthrough 8 reviews are good, why should you pay that much for a massage chair when an even better alternative exists? The Titan Pro Executive delivers an amazing massage and costs less than many other zero gravity massage chairs, including the Medical Breakthrough 8.


Medical Breakthrough 8 Review Pros

  • 3D massage roller for deep tissue shiatsu massage
  • Rollers on Tops and Bottoms of feet for deep reflexology massage
  • 61 airbags to deliver full-body compression massage
  • Lumbar and knee heat
  • Multiple massage programs and settings
  • Body scan technology detects pressure points
  • 3D surround sound speakers and chromotherapy to engage all your senses


Medical Breakthrough 8 Review Cons

  • Dual roller heads instead of quad rollers
  • Foot massage doesn’t accommodate users with larger feet
  • Company makes false claims
  • Not made in U.S.A., as manufacturer claims
  • Limited availability
  • High price

Medical Breakthrough 8 Review: The Bottom Line

The Medical Breakthrough 8 is a good massage chair that is, unfortunately, sold and manufactured by a disreputable company. From false advertising claims to poor customer service and limited available, not to mention a higher-than-average price, the Medical Breakthrough 8 is not a good value or a safe investment.

If you are looking for a deep tissue shiatsu massage chair with heat and zero gravity settings, the Titan Pro Executive is an affordable alternative from a reputable manufacturer.

You can enjoy the bliss of 61 airbags, 3 zero gravity settings, 6 pre-programmed massages, and an immersive deep tissue massage experience for a reasonable cost, with financing available.

Check Prices for the Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair Here

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