omega massage chair montage pro logoOmega Montage Pro Review: Omega Massage Chairs is known for building high quality massage chairs and the Omega Montage Pro Massage Chair is no exception. Omega takes a therapy first approach by investing time and energy into features and components that are going to be as life like and therapeutic as possible. They are also known for developing and championing first to market technologies. Many of these promises and standards can be noticed in their Montage Pro Massage Chair. This is their top of the line massage chair and built for those who want the best of the best. This chair has too many features to cover in intense detail so we’ve chosen what we liked best from our firsthand experience. For those who haven’t heard of Omega and would prefer to buy a massage chair from a reputable brand here are a few suggestions before we get started.

Comparable Massage Chairs to the Omega Montage Pro

Panasonic EP-MA70: Panasonic is a leader in massage technology. They are constantly coming out with industry first products that will stand the test of time. Once massage chair that we would check out is the Panasonic EP-MA70 massage chair.

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer: The Pro Dreamer is a more affordable chair that offers a lot of the same features as the Montage Pro, but with better usability. The OS-3d Pro Dreamer comes equipped with a 3D roller that is newer technology and provides a much better massage and adjustability.

Infinity IT-8500: To find a chair that has a great deal of massage strength and is primarily Deep Tissue,  we suggest checking out the Infinity It-8500 massage chair. The It-8500 may not have all the features of an EP-ma70, or OS-3d Pro Dreamer but is great for a more affordable Deep Tissue Massage Chair.

Omega Montage Pro Review

Omega Montage Pro Review | Advanced Roller

This chair boasts many of the features that massage chairs are known best for. This starts with an advanced roller system that has four different intensity settings. Some massage chairs have a very deep roller, but the feel of the Montage Pro is not only deep but both gentle and firm. This roller is also capable of spot massaging and reaching from the neck to the lumbar region of people 5ft to 6’3”.

Omega Montage Pro Review | Zero Gravity

omega montage pro zero gravity massage chair It also has two Zero Gravity positions. When you’re in the second Zero Gravity Position your back is fully exposed to the rollers offering the deepest massage possible. The two Zero Gravity positions offer unique relaxation experiences and help with other functions of the chair to boost the quality of the massage.

Omega Montage Pro Review | Technique Inspired Programs

The manual massage programs are also very unique to this chair. There are five programs with three of them borrowing from well known massage techniques. These include Relaxation or Chinese style, Activation or Thai style, and Vitality or Japanese style. Each of these programs are unique to specific therapeutic benefits.

Footflex – Pioneering Reflexology

One thing that the Montage Pro has helped pioneer is rollers in the feet. Omega has dubbed this as Footflex. This taps into the reflexology benefits of massage and is the only chair on the market with such a unique and beneficial feature.

Advanced Remote & Fingertip Controls

montage pro touchscreen remoteWe also really like the easy to use remote of the Montage Pro. It’s slightly smaller than an Apple iPade but is very easy and comfortable to use. You can also detach it from its stand and use it conveniently in your lap. You can also control the chair with two control pads conveniently located in the arm massagers. When your arms are in the massagers you can actually control the intensity, the position of the chair, and other modes by the touch dials. This makes changing the massage location and overall experience very easy.

Omega Montage Pro Review | 30 Advanced Airbags

The Montage Pro also has an advanced airbag compression system. The airbags work in a way that is similar to a real masseuse. The airbags squeeze, compress, hold, and release. These are the most lifelike airbags we’ve experienced and are much different than other airbags that simply just squeeze.

Omega Montage Pro Review | BMW inspired Design

omega montage pro massage chairThe Montage Pro is also very comfortable. The material of the chair is very soft and feels very similar to soft leather. The overall design of the chair is very appealing. Luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes were the driving inspiration when the designers created the lines and curves of the Montage Pro.

Omega Montage Pro Review | Music Sync

One feature that is commonly overlooked is music synchronization. This feature allows a user to plug their favorite music into the chair and experience a customized rhythmic massage. This is a very fun feature and helps tie the full experience together. The Montage comes equipped with headphones, external speakers, an MP3 player, and a 1GB USB stick to make it easy for anyone to listen to their own music and tie the experience together.

Omega Montage Pro Review | Our Thoughts

A lot of massage chairs are built around the same therapeutic concepts, but no other brand of chair takes as much pride and craftsmanship into their products. Given the Montage Pro is the top of the line chair made by Omega it stands above the rest within it’s price range. In comparison the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair, which hasn’t changed in almost four years and has half the features, retails for $7799. On the other hand The Omega Montage Pro retails for $6499. We also suggest taking a loot at other chairs like the Panasonic EP-MA70 which retails for $6999.95, and the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer which retails for $6295.

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