As Ogawa celebrates their 20 Year Anniversary with the release of the Ogawa Evol, they continues to design products that inspire health and promote youthful living. To those wondering about the name, Evol is Love spelled backwards. This new Ogawa chairs aims to embody love by providing a warm and relaxing feeling through its heated massage technology. Inspired by Japanese technology and modern living, the Ogawa Evol is designed to be more compact and fit into the Modern home. The Ogawa Evol is one of the most cutting edge 3D massage chairs released this year.



As Ogawa World Director Louis Chong said “The “Evol” was intentionally spelt backwards from the word “love” because the brand believes that the expression should go both ways.

Ogawa Evol massage chair release

Given its more modern look designers still want the Ogawa Evol to fit comfortably into any home décor. The challenge they faced was combining an attractive and trendy design with advanced massage technology. Their answer was to create a comfortable and functional chair that can still incorporate state of the art massage technology. To say the least the most advanced feature of the Evol is the Heated 3D massage rollers. The Heated rollers warm up to a soothing 98 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps enhance the massage and provide relief to sore muscles. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese Dual head massage roller, the Ogawa Evol has one of the most advanced thermal dual head 3D rollers. Simply put, its humanistic, provides heat directly to where the massage is being performed, and can be customized to fit ones needs. There are plenty of other features that make this one of the most exciting releases which we’ll touch on below.

ogawa evol person in chair

This chair also comes equipped with advanced body scanning that allows the chair to focus on Accupoints. By focusing on a persons Accupoints, the Evol is able to offer a better and more effective massage experience. Since every massage experience can be different the Body Scan helps take advantage of a sensory technology that detects pain points. Understanding each users specific body type and pain points is in constant demand with many massage chairs today. Scanning the back, recognizing the accupoints, and reading a persons body profile is a big achievement in today’s chairs. The Evols advanced massage roller and body scanning help this chair offer one of the most unique massage experiences of any chair.

ogawa evol body scan technology

Designers put another touch of warmth in the ottoman by incorporating heating technology underneath the feet. When the ottoman is in massage mode, the lower legs and feet can get relief by the compression style massage. The ottoman will help stretch, relieve, warm and stretch the feet, while soothing swollen or sore muscles. To stay true to the modern décor design, the ottoman is reversible and can be used like a traditional lounger. When someone doesn’t want a massage they can raise or lower both the backrest and footrest to their ideal recline position.

ogawa evol living room blog
Director Louis Chong also said “Ogawa has always strived to relay the message of love, because without love, there would be no peace and wellness at home. Consumers can take the opportunity to communicate their care and affection through the chairs.”

The Ogawa Evol has already been a big hit in overseas markets and the video below is from their recent Parents Day campaign.

Some of the more cutting edge features are the Touchscreen Remote, high quality upholstery; massage programming, and self-diagnostic system. The Ogawa Evol also comes with many standard features. These include 6 different massage techniques, 8 Automatic Programs, Power Recline, and 24 compression style airbags.

Our Thoughts

It seems with the Ogawa Evol – Love goes both way. Shoppers reading this news release may be wondering if this massage chair is the right chair for them. We recommend heading over to Ogawa World USA to learn more about this chair.

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