Osaki OS-3000 Review

Osaki OS-3000 Review

NOTE – The Osaki OS-3000 has been discontinued and been replaced with the Osaki OS-3000 Chiro Massage Chair.

When we go through our Osaki Os-3000 review, it is important to note that it’s one of the unsung heroes of the Osaki brand of Massage Chairs. The Osaki Massage Chair that most are familiar with is the Osaki Os-4000, which has been labeled as the Marquee Massage Chair produced by Osaki. You can read my full review on the Os-4000 here.  In this review I’m going to highlight all of the features and technology that the Os-3000 comes equipped with.

Osaki Os-3000 Technology

The Osaki Os-3000 massage chair comes with many of the features that makes some of the more well known brands like Panasonic and Sanyo so great. First off, the OS-3000 comes with the NASA pioneered Zero Gravity Technology. This technology, which I’ve written about before (Zero Gravity Benefits), has been scientifically proven to increase all the variables that put a human body into the best position for relaxation and therapy. The Osaki OS-3000 makes our list of one of the top massage chairs under $3000 with Zero Gravity. It also comes equipped with an S-Track Intelligent Massage Robot, Six Unique Auto Programs, Six Massage Styles, and 25 total Airbags. I go into further details on these features below.

S-Track Movable Intelligent Massage Robot

Another great feature is the S-Track movable intelligent massage robot. This technology has been designed to work and adjust to the contours of the human spine covering both the upper and lower back area. The S-Track is able to cover the entire back, and also be able to make minor adjustments during the massage in real-time. This customization helps focus on problem areas like the neck, shoulders, and lumbar. It also gives each user a unique massage therapy session.

Six Unique Auto Programs

Preset programs are great for all users. For instance, someone may want a deep tissue massage while another person may want to relax in a Zero Gravity state, and  yet another person may just want a good stretch. It takes all of the programming and technology hurdles away from a novice user and helps them achieve a full therapy session right out of the box. The OS-3000 comes stock with a Healthcare mode, a Relax mode, a Therapy mode, a Smart mode, a Circulation mode, and a Demo mode.

Six Massage Styles

One thing users always look for are the types of massage a chair can deliver. It is important to find a product that is able to deliver a massage that would be similar to one found in a Spa. The OS-3000 comes equipped with six different massage styles. These include a Rolling style, a Kneading style, a Clapping style, a Shiatsu style, a Swedish style, and a Combo style that uses all the styles together.

Osaki OS-3000 Style – 25 Airbags

Osaki has done extensive research in designing a chair that can fit into any environment, whether it’s a home, office, or spa. This is very apparent in the OS-3000 with its earth tone color scheme and overall modern look. The OS-3000 also has 25 airbags placed strategically throughout the chair. This includes 10 in the feet, 10 in the calves, 3 in the seat, and 2 in the back.

Overall Osaki Os-3000 Thoughts

Considering all of the massage chair brands on the market it’s safe to say Osaki is definitely a major competitor. This company has gone through great lengths in R&D to offer a product that is competitive in features, technology, and price. Osaki also offers a “3-Year Rock Solid Warranty” to all their products. I have also noticed through my research that many users have been deeply satisfied with their Osaki Massage Chair purchase and depending on your budget the Osaki OS-3000 comes as one of the best products within it’s price range. Make sure to check out our preferred partner, Emassagechair.com.

~Steph C.
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