UPDATE: The Osaki OS-7000 was discontinued and replaced with the Osaki OS-7075r. Make sure to check out all of our articles on the Osaki OS-7075r here on Massage Chair Review.

The Osaki OS-7000 massage chair, another new release this year from Osaki, is packed with features and looks to be another great priced massage chair from the Osaki team.

The Osaki OS-7000 sells for $3,795 and is one of the most stylish and modern massage chairs on the market today.  It comes loaded with tons of advanced features – plus much more.  The OS-7000 has Infrared body scan technology, a four roller system, zero gravity recline, an air compression system (arms, shoulders, legs, and calves), and a variety of preset massage programs.

The OS-7000 takes it step further by adding a 31-inch roller stroke (reaching the lower tailbone area), advanced full body infrared heating system that targets all the vital muscles areas,  Thai body stretching, pelvis and hip massage, targeted neck massage, and head and air massage.  This puts the Osaki OS-7000 in the same class as massage chairs twice its price.

We will have a chance to try the Osaki OS-7000 massage chair out later this month and will have a full review shortly after.

Osaki OS-7000 Images:

Osaki OS-7000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Where to Buy:

Emassagechair.com – Buy Osaki OS-7000
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