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The Osaki Pro Admiral changed the game when it was first released, and it has been a customer favorite ever since. Osaki recently updated it to the Admiral II, which updated the sensor technology and refined the remote and massage programs. The Admiral model continues to be sold under the Pro Admiral name, but you may see it listed as the Admiral II, but they are the same model. With the combination of 3D and L-Track technology and many standard features, the Osaki Pro Admiral will give you everything you need at a great price.

There are many reasons to love the Osaki Pro Admiral, but here are our top 5 reasons you should buy it!

1. 3D Technology & L-Track Combo

When shopping for a massage chair, one thing to know is that the quality is not the same with all models and brands, and the Admiral is a perfect example of this. The 3D technology is a step up from other companies and offers a 3.2″‘ node extension that can apply deeper pressure along the spine and reach over the top of the shoulders. When combined with L-Track technology, you get an excellent neck & shoulder massage and glutes, perfect for elevating sciatica and piriformis issues. Yes, it massages you from the neck to the buttocks, which provides around 35% more roller coverage than a traditional massage chair.

2. Advanced Body Scan (Dual Body-Scan)

This feature often goes unnoticed since many retailers do not know how it works. For most models under $5,000, the body-scan technology is pretty standard and will find scan and find your shoulder height, so the roller knows where to place the rollers for each user, but it does not find the user’s exact curvature of the spine. The Admiral has what we call dual body scan in the industry, which does two scans, one for the user’s shoulder height and the other to find the specific curve of each user’s spine, providing a more accurate massage for each user.

3. Advanced Massage Programing (16 Of Them)

With the Osaki Pro Admiral, you can select from any fantastic pre-programs that provide full-body massage from the neck to the glutes. In addition, there are targeted programs that focus on the lower back and neck & shoulders specifically. Lastly, there is manual programming, in which you can do spot/partial massages to focus on specific areas using the six different massage techniques. You also can adjust the 3D, the speed of the massage, and intensity of the air compression.

4. Electric Automatic Ottoman

When shopping for a massage chair over $3,000, make sure it has an electric ottoman. I find this one of the best features on a massage chair. It may not sound like much, but the benefit of having an electric ottoman is worth it. Many models have a manual ottoman operated using springs that hold the ottoman against the soles of the feet. One downfall is that the springs can be too tight, holding too much tension. However, the electric ottoman will maintain the correct pressure since it has sensors to stop the footrest and your specific height. You can also make micro-adjustments using the remote.

5. Additional Features

The Osaki Pro Admiral also has a lot of additional options that add to the overall massage experience, including full-body air compressions, zero-gravity recline, kneading foot-rollers, Bluetooth w/ speakers, and heat in the lower lumbar & calves.

Who does it fit?

The Osaki Pro Admiral will fit a user from 5’0″ to 6’3″. It also has a 240 lbs user weight limit. If your looking for a chair for a taller or larger user, see some options below.

Titan Pro Jupiter LE (Can fit a user up to 6’6″)

Ogawa Active L 3D (Has a Max User Weight of 300 lbs)

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