Osim Massage Chairs are best known for their U Series massage chairs with their most popular being the Osim uAstro. The recently updated the uAstro with the OSIM uAstro2 massage chair which is sold exclusively at Brookstone. This chair will completely replace the original uAstro and is currently available for purchase. Let’s take a closer look at the features in our Osaki uAstro2 Review.

 Osim uAstro2 Review | Massage Chair Features

Osim uAstro2 Review | The Back Massage

Osim uAstro2 Massage Chair | massage-chair-review.comThe quad style rollers in the backrest of the Osim uAstro2 massage give a relaxing humanistic type massage. The rollers reach from the top of the tailbone all the way to your lower neck which gives a great range of massage for people from 4’11” to 6’2″. The Seat Back has been widened to offer more upper body room to fit people with larger frames and also help accommodate people with larger shoulders. The 3 width settings will also help to make sure that the massage is tailored to your body while the S-Track makes sure that the roller follows the curve of your spine. The Osim uAstro2 massage chair now includes mechanical Foot Rollers that massage the acupoints on the soles of your feet. These are great for people who spend a large amount of time on their feet.

Body Scan technology also comes standard with the Osim uAstro2 massage chair. The optical pressure-point detection scans your body to make sure the chair adjusts to your body for the ultimate customized massage. A heating pad is located in the lower lumbar area to help loosen up the muscle tissue for a deeper and better massage.

Osim uAstro2 Review | Automatic Programs

Let your mind and body take a vacation with one of the 12 automatic programs to reach total relaxation. 8 of the automated programs include: Full Body, Full Air, Relax, Energize, Senior, Junior, Stretch and Quick. There are also 4 automated programs that can target your 4 specific areas: Neck & Shoulders (air); Back & Lumbar (kneading); Arms, Seat & Lumbar (air); and Foot & Calf (air). With the full function color LCD, you can customize the programs easily while watching to massage progress.

Osim uAstro2 Review | Zero Gravity

Inspired by the position astronauts take for their take off into space, zero gravity recline elevates the legs and pivots the body to distribute weight over the entire body which relieves pressure from head to toe for complete relaxation. The Osim uAstro2 massage chair can deliver this with the touch of one button. Zero Gravity has become increasingly popular in massage chairs and is a feature we strongly suggest taking advantage of.

Osim uAstro2 Review | Airbag Compression Massage

The Osim uAstro2 massage comes equipped with 34 airbag massagers that gently squeeze and focus on the rest of your body while the rollers do their work. The airbag compression system also offers 5 levels of intensity adjustment from soft to vigorous.

  • Hand and Arm Massage: Airbags are located around the arm rest that offers a gentle compression and vibration massage to relax your body further. Even the palms of your hands get a massage fro the gentle airbag massage.
  • Neck & Shoulder Massage: The airbags in the neck massager was improved and updated in the Osim uAstro2. The airbag compression massage is now able to reach the base of the neck and upper back and offers a much wider range of massage over the original Osim uAstro.
  • Leg and Calf Massage: Airbags are strategically placed in the footrest and the sides of the massage chair. These provide a great massage to compliment the full body massage. The mechanical foot roller work in conjunction of the airbags to make sure your entire body receives soothing TLC.

Osim uAstro2 Review | Final Thoughts

Comparatively the new Osim uAstro2 massage chair is $200 more than the original Osakim uAstro. We do like the Osim, but they are only available from Brookstone. If you would like to shop online, there are many great alternatives to the Osaki uAstro2 that you should seriously look at. One of my favorite is the Panasonic EP-30007 massage chair and comes equipped with everything the uAstro2 does plus more. Panasonic truly makes one of the best massage chairs on the market and their technology is fantastic, not to mention the footrest tucks itself in to turn into an everyday lounger. The Osaki OS-7200H is practically the same massage chair and gets higher customer ratings than the uAstro2. If you are looking for something a little cheaper and close to the same features, the Osaki OS-4000T is a great choice. If you are interested in making a purchase, check out Emassagechair.com for the best deals and service in the industry.


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