Are these inexpensive massage chairs really the “best?”

BestMassage massage chairs are decidedly not the best massage chairs money can buy. Yet they are affordable, accessible, and even ship free through Amazon.

Let’s be honest. Most people who experience the benefits of massage through a high-tech, sophisticated, and stylish massage chair eventually want to own one in their home. But not everyone can afford a chair like the bestselling Cozzia Qi, with sophisticated body scan technology, LED lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, and iPad control.

And even if a high-end luxury massage chair is within your budget, you may think you can find a lower cost chair that offers the same results. Why pay more if you don’t have to, right?

Unsuspecting consumers stumble upon bargain-priced chairs from BestMassage and think they found a great deal. No longer is a good massage chair the stuff of dreams. You don’t have to pay $6,000. Or even $1,000. You can get a chair for 1/10 of the price of a luxury model.

But what are you really getting?

Our massage chair experts dug deep to explore all the benefits and drawbacks of buying a massage chair through BestMassage to reveal the truth about this ubiquitous company.


BestMassage: About the Company

BestMassage Massage ChairBestMassage is owned by Cavalier Wholesale and Factory Direct Wholesale (Pay Less Here, LLC) of Duluth, GA. These distributors sell massage chairs manufactured in China, using cheap components and older technology.

Many consumers are immediately impressed by their low prices, but as time goes on, they begin to regret the purchase. When parts break, customers discover these companies have a poor track record for customer service and support. You don’t have to look very far to uncover the level of customer service these companies provide.

Pay Less Here, LLC has been in business since 2013 and is not yet BBB accredited. It has a C rating on the BBB website due to four unresolved customer complaints.

Factory Direct Wholesales has an F rating. It’s not accredited and has 27 customer complaints and 15 negative reviews.

Factory Direct Wholesales also received 1.1 stars on Google, with reviewers complaining about the quality of the products, the customer service, and the return policies.

Cavalier Wholesale has an F rating on the BBB website, with 27 unresolved customer complaints.

An entire website exists where customers complain about their experience with Cavalier Wholesale and its products.

One reviewer at writes: “It worked great until this past year…it just stopped. I contacted Cavalier through Amazon and after receiving several e-mails back and forth wanting to know the date of purchase serial number off the chair and telling me they couldn’t find the order from Amazon even though I supplied them with the information they finally stopped responding. Several months later and I’m still stuck with a chair that doesn’t work that I paid over $800 for.”

Other Amazon reviewers reported similar problems; Cavalier just ghosted them when they asked for a refund or said their massage chair didn’t work.


Decoding the Consumer Reviews for BestMassage Chairs

Chairs from BestMassage have many 4- and 5-star reviews on Amazon. Reviewers feel they have gotten a good deal on a lower cost massage chair. Until something goes wrong. These chairs do not last. And when they break, the company refuses to offer service and support.
It’s important to read the 1- and 2-star reviews before deciding where to spend your money.

Here are just a few samples:

“If you have a technical problem like I did (one of the arm balloons won’t fully inflate) there is NOTHING given to help you get assistance. I have contacted the seller via phone, email and Amazon messaging. NO RESPONSE. Googled my heart out – reached out to the manufacturer as well as the seller – and have heard NOTHING back – and since it costs $200+ to return it in shipping I guess I am stuck.”
– Ted in CT

“I had bought their other massage chair and it arrived a bit scuffed up and customer service was — none.”
– Mark D.


Looking for a Warranty on that Massage Chair? Read the Fine Print

If you delve deeper on Amazon, you can, perhaps, avoid making the same mistake.

First, realize that there is no warranty information for the products. Amazon says to contact the seller for help, but multiple reviewers reported being unable to reach the company by calling and emailing customer service.

In one reported instant, Amazon refunded the customer’s money. But in many other cases, consumers had to fight with Cavalier for a refund on products that didn’t arrive, products that arrived damaged, or products that didn’t meet the buyer’s quality expectations based on photos and descriptions.

Purchasing a massage chair shouldn’t be stressful —and it won’t be if you purchase a reputable brand from a company that specializes in massage chair sales. Websites like offer three- or five-year extended warranties on your massage chair purchase. The warranty covers 100% of all in-home service, parts, and labor costs, and provides a “Repair or Replace Promise.” And if your massage chair cannot be fixed, you have a replacement option.

You can always reach an customer service representative by phone, email, or the website’s live chat service.


At-home Delivery Requires Some Heavy Lifting

Multiple Amazon reviewers complained that the BestMassage massage chair they purchased was dropped off at the bottom of their front steps. The delivery service refused to carry the chair into the house, saying it was against insurance regulations. One person said the delivery service left the chair in the rain.
If you struggle with back pain and are buying a massage chair for the therapeutic benefits, do not try to move or unbox a chair from BestMassage. Even if you are healthy, you will need at least two strong friends to help you unbox and set up the chair.

It’s also important to make sure you’ll be home when the delivery arrives. BestMassage published this disclaimer at the bottom of one of their pricier L-track massage chairs listed on Amazon: “Freight shipment is very expense, [sic] if you simply refused the shipment, or if they can not get hold of you, they will send the item back to us, they will charge us the return shipping fee, if that happens, we will refund you minus the $300 shipping fee for both ways.”

So: if you aren’t home to receive the 320-pound box they plan to leave at your door, you could be out of luck, out of your chair, and out $300.


Some Assembly Required

Not only do you have to transport the chair into your home following curbside delivery, but you may have to put together several of the components.
Reviewers complained that the instructions were hard to follow and they had to figure it out themselves. Some reported missing parts.



Low Prices, Light on Features

If you are expecting a massage chair with state-of-the-art capabilities, customized massage programs, or even an easy-to-understand instructional manual, you won’t find it from BestMassage.

One Amazon reviewer went so far as to call one BestMassage chair model a “torture machine,” noting that the body scan technology didn’t seem to work. Other reviewers said they had to put additional padding between the rollers and their back to make the massage experience less painful.

Most BestMassage chairs do not feature today’s hybrid S/L track technology, 3D rollers to conform to your back for a more comfortable, human-like massage, or intuitive controllers.

In addition, the airbags use older technology that is noisy and uncomfortable. One reviewer said the hip airbags were so tight they were uncomfortable rather than relaxing.

On the other hand, massage chairs like the Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair feature whisper quiet air pump technology with patented spring suspension so you can relax and enjoy the massage. The chair’s Smart Sense technology ensures the airbags are always a perfect fit.

Taller BestMassage chair users felt there was not enough height adjustment for a comfortable massage.
One Amazon reviewer stated that no one over 120 lbs. could comfortably use the chair. Noting her dissatisfaction with the airbags, rollers, and the size of the chair, she succinctly stated, “I can’t see what situation I would use this chair. It’s certainly not relaxing.”


Where Should You Shop When Quality and Service Matter?

No matter how much (or how little) you plan to spend a massage chair is a significant investment. The furniture will find a place in your living room for years and hopefully become part of your everyday life.

You need technology that will stand the test of time, customer service and support that’s there when you need it, and a comfortable chair that will enhance your life by providing pain relief and stress reduction.

Before you spend hundreds on a BestMassage chair and believe you are getting a bargain, consider financing a higher quality massage chair from a trusted name in the industry.

You might be surprised to discover a high-quality massage chair is within your budget, and you’ll get years of enjoyment out of your investment.


BestMassage Massage Chair


Inexpensive massage chairs
Space-saving designs available through Amazon, eBay, and other popular online sellers
Fashion colors
Free delivery


Massage chairs do not use the latest technology
Chairs may not accommodate larger or taller body types
Faulty or non-existent body scan technology for a customized massage
Lack of customer service if the chair breaks
Do not have many of the features of luxury massage chairs
Chairs are difficult to assemble
Chairs lack intuitive controls
Chairs are not professionally set up in your home; instead, boxes are left at your doorway Low-quality construction
Older designs and technology
No warranty