Back Scanning

A body scan is a feature found on most massage chairs that uses sensors to detect the contours of a person’s body. The purpose of the body scan is to tailor the massage to the individual user, ensuring that the massage targets the right areas and applies the correct amount of pressure.

During the body scan, the massage chair will typically have the user sit in a relaxed position while the sensors work to map out the user’s body. This may involve the chair moving slightly or the sensors extending out to touch different parts of the body. The body scan typically takes just a minute to complete.

Once the body scan is finished, the massage chair will use the information it has gathered to tailor the massage to the user’s specific needs. This may involve adjusting the intensity of the massage or changing the positioning of the massage heads or rollers to better target specific areas of the body.

The body scan feature is a convenient way to ensure that the massage chair is providing the most effective and comfortable massage possible. It is especially useful for people with specific areas of tension or muscle soreness, as the body scan allows the chair to focus on these areas and provide targeted relief.

What is Leg Scanning?

Some massage chairs have a feature called leg scanning, which uses sensors to determine the optimal position for the ottoman based on the user’s height. As the ottoman retracts, it will adjust its position to accommodate the user’s legs and provide the most comfortable and effective massage.

Overall, the body scan feature on a massage chair is a useful and convenient way to customize the massage experience to the individual user’s unique body size.

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