How many airbags does the Osaki OS-4000 have? After researching several massage chairs online for a couple months, I decided that the Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity massage chair was the perfect fit for me. There was one problem that I kept encountering, I could not find out how many massage airbags the Osaki OS-4000 really had. This was a mystery and almost every site I went to had different information. On one website they had 32 airbags listed, on another 48, and then on another it had 32 airbags mentioned in the description, but had a picture under the description displaying 25. To make things more confusing, I came across an article saying that there were two models of the Osaki OS-4000; one was the Osaki OS-4000 Deluxe Zero Gravity Massage Chair with 32 airbags, and the other the Osaki Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair with 48 airbags. This just left me confused, so I set out to find the answer.

Asking the Right People the Right Questions
I was intent on finding out how many airbags the Osaki OS-4000 really has. After some diligent research, the answer was very simple – there are 48 airbags, not 32 or 25. I found this out by calling Osaki directly. Basically, the older version of the Osaki OS-4000 massage chair had only 32 airbags, but the new updated version has 48 airbags. So basically any new Osaki OS-4000 sold from the factory will have 48 airbags. Another thing I noticed was the two different names for the Osaki OS-4000, one being the Executive and the other the Deluxe. So I took the opportunity to ask if there was a difference between the Osaki OS-4000 Executive and Deluxe models. There is absolutely no difference. They are the same thing, and a lot of online companies apparently have them named differently for marketing purposes.

My Discovery
So there we have it, any new Osaki OS-4000 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair definitely has 48 airbags, not 32. Any time you come across a Deluxe or Executive version, there is absolutely no difference. Here is the airbag placement on the OS-4000.

How many airbags does the osaki os-4000 have?

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