This is a review of the Titan Elite 3D massage chair, which is designed to offer the user a full-body massage experience. The massage chair comes with advanced features such as voice recognition, auto body scan technology, an SL-track rolling system, 30 full body airbag massage, and 21 auto massage programs, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to relax and unwind after a long day.

Adjustable 3D Technology

The Titan Elite 3D massage chair is adjustable in 3D, which means that the massage rollers move in and out from the back of the chair, allowing for overall intensity control of the massage. The chair offers 5 levels of speed and width adjustment, and 5 levels of back massage intensity, giving the user complete control of the massage experience. Additionally, the Elite has 5 levels of 3D massage roller adjustment and massage range and width, making it unique from most other 3D massage chairs on the market.

Voice Recognition – Make Adjustments Hands-Free

The voice recognition feature on the Elite allows the user to control the massage modes by speaking. The massage chair has a tiny microphone around the Armrest Shortcut area which recognizes 15 different phrases. The Elite also performs an auto body scan to map the key areas of the neck and back and ensure optimal pressure is applied during the massage.

SL-Track Roller Technology

The Elite massage chair features an SL-track rolling system that massages from the neck down to the glutes and upper hamstrings. The system works with the computer body scan to give each user a massage that fits their body. The massage chair has 30 full body airbags that offer a total air compression massage.

3 Stage Zero Gravity Recline (Weightless Position)

The Titan Elite 3D massage chair is equipped with 3 steps of zero gravity, giving the user a weightless feeling during the massage. This feature offers different types of Zero Gravity, including Initial Step, Comfort Step, and Deep Step. The massage chair also has space-saving technology, allowing it to be within 2 inches away from the wall.

21 Auto Massage Programs

The massage chair offers 21 auto massage programs and 11 manual massage styles, including kneading, tapping, simultaneous kneading, and tapping, among others. The massage styles are designed to provide users with fast, comfortable, relaxing, stretching, full-body, neck and shoulder, back and waist, full airbag, stress relieving, energy, good-night sleep, joint care, neck and shoulder care, spine massage, office regimen, sport recovery, brain refresh, spine care, waist care, legs care, and rejuvenation.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Titan Elite 3D massage chair is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a full-body massage experience. It comes equipped with advanced features such as voice recognition, auto body scan technology, and an SL-track rolling system, making it a unique choice on the market.