New Ogawa Massage Chairs Now Available in the US

Ogawa LogoOne of the top massage chair and massager brands in Asia finally comes to the United States. Ogawa World USA has officially launched in the US with 4 new products, and we look forward to seeing more new products later this year. Ogawa has been around since 1996 and currently has 169 retail stores spanning 26 cities in 9 countries. As our new massage chairs and massagers arrive, we will be adding reviews and more information. Let’s take a closer look at their new products that have just debuted.

Ogawa Active Massage Chair Black

Ogawa Active Massage Chair

The Ogawa Active is a step up from the Ogawa Refresh massage chair. One of the most interesting features of the Active, which sets it apart from every massage chair on the market, is the SuperTrac. The SuperTrac exclusive technology boast 43”track and is similar to the increasingly popular L Track design. The L track allows the massage rollers to go from your neck all the way down your back and then underneath your seat, but there are limitations. You are not able to get a massage in a full lie down position because of the L shaped track. That is where the SuperTrac comes in. You are able to enjoy a thigh and glute massage in any recline position AND even lie fully back in a bed position.

We have to admit, the Ogawa Active is gorgeous. The materials used are a higher quality than many of the massage chairs on the market and is packed with tons of features. 2 stretching programs, inversion recline, mechanical kneading foot rollers, 56 multi-layered airbags, lumbar heat, vibration, 8 auto programs, 7 manual massage modes,full intensity adjustments, chromotherapy, and more.

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Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair

Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair

The Ogawa Refresh is their entry line massage chair that retails below $3,000. I have to admit, the Refresh has a very stylish look packed with tons of features that have become standard on massage chairs in this price and even higher. 31” Quad Style massage roller should be able to have a really good reach to fit most body styles along with a compliment of 26 airbags to ensure a full body massage. The Smart Curve Technology is able to give an extra emphasis on the neck and the curve of the spine which gives it the ability for a better and deeper neck massage than most chairs on the market. Body Scan Technology, 2 Stage Zero gravity, Lumbar Heat, Chromotherapy, Stretching, 3 Auto Programs, 7 Manual Massage Programs, Vibration, and more that will help revive and rejuvenate your body.

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Ogawa Foot Therapy Plus

Ogawa Foot Therapy Plus

If you are in the market for a great foot massager, you should check out the Ogawa Foot Therapy Plus. There are 3 programs to choose from and delivers a deep massage to help relieve tension and reduce pain in your feet. There are kneading foot rollers along the bottom of to deliver a deep massage. The airbags help to keep your feet in place while offering a soothing compression massage. Lightweight and portable, we look forward to putting this one through the paces in our office.


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Ogawa OMKnee Foot Massager with Knee Therapy

Ogawa OMKnee Foot MassagerThis may be one of the most interesting products I have seen come out within the past year and probably the one product I am looking forward to using the most. The Ogawa OMKnee Foot massager with knee therapy has 33 airbags located throughout the unit along with a mechanical kneading foot roller. Built in heat for your feet, calves, AND knees. 4 auto programs with intensity adjustments. When flipped in the back position, you can enjoy a full massage from your feet all the way to the back of your knees. What makes this product interesting is that you can flip the top and massage the front of the knees. I recently started to get back into shape and have had issue with my knees. I have tried several different products, and I am hoping this will solve it.

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Ogawa massage chairs has been around for awhile and they design, engineer, and manufacture their own products. Most companies in the industry cannot say that and this should translate to quicker R&D and implementing changes and upgrades quicker. This looks to be the beginning of Ogawa in the USA and we are looking forward to see what else they will be launching.