UPDATE: The Infinity IT-8200 is no longer available. Please check out the Infinity IT-8500 massage chair review and we also have a good write up on a comparison between the two.


The Infinity Massage Chair brand is becoming more well known with shoppers. They are understanding the unique features of Infinity’s massage chairs and there has been a fair amount of positive feedback. Their biggest selling chair, their Infinity IT-8500 is their high-end model in the 8000 line of chairs. The It-8200 and It-8500 comparison shows how similar these chairs are, with the Infinity It-8200 previously being the most popular model. It sits in between the It-8100 and It-8200. Here is out Infinity IT-8200 review.

Infinity IT-8200 ReviewInfinity It-8200 Review | Features

Infinity It-8200 Review | Zero Gravity

The Infinity IT-8200 has a lot of the original features that help to make the Infinity line so popular with customers. This includes their Inversion recline function and Zero Gravity. The Zero Gravity recline puts your body in a weightless feeling which will take take pressure and compression off of your spine. This helps to further relax you and gives you a better massage at the same time. The Inversion recline actually reclines a little further and puts the pressure and compression on the reverse ends of your spine.

Infinity It-8200 Review | Special Features

One of the popular features of the IT-8200 is the hip stretch function that works similar to what most people know as the Inada Sogno Dreamwave feature. This is great to keep the hips limber and to help recovery from exercise.

Infinity It-8200 Review | The Massage

This massage chair also has a strong roller that can reach from the lower lumbar area to the neck. It fits well for people in between 5″2′ and 6″2′, of course if you are slight above or below this height range you will most likely still get a good roller massage. There are numerous airbags in totaling 36. These can be found in the neck pillow, the arms, seat, hips, back, shoulders, and ottoman (calves & feet). This chair also has rollers in the feet to giver a deeper more thorough massage to the soles of the feet. The massage programs are varied with 16 in total. Users get the kneading sensation program, a sync program, a shiatsu program, a program that syncs with music, and knocking program, and a tapping program. Along with these there is also a Vibration function with 3 levels of intensity. The massage roller doesn’t have an intensity adjustment it comes with preprogrammed intensities for each program you choose, but you can change the speed with 6 different settings. The airbags have 5 levels of intensity to choose from. The airbags also work in a more fluid motion instead of a tight squeeze, pulsing and pushing the muscles.

Infinity It-8200 Review | Final Thoughts

The Infinity It-8200 massage chair varies only slightly than the Infinity It-8500, and comes in Black, Taupe, and Dark Brown. It is definitely worth the upgrade to the IT-8500. You get a lot more features for only a little bit of price. You can learn more about the Infinity It-8200 and other Infinity massage chairs by visiting our preferred partner at Emassagechair.com.

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