Cozzia Massage Chairs

Cozzia Massage Chairs

Cozzia 16027 Review: Cozzia Massage Chairs are the new kids on the block. Their philosophy is based around building cutting edge massage features and offer them at affordable prices. They have done this very successfully and it can be seen with the Cozzia 16027 massage chair. This chair is also on our chart of the best zero gravity massage chair under $3000.  It has a unique and well-known design and is available in solid Black or Dark Brown.

Cozzia 16027 Massage Chair

Cozzia 16027 Massage Chair

Cozzia 16027 Review

Look and Feel

When you sit in the Cozzia 16027 massage chair you will notice a nice snug fit that encompasses your entire body while the body scan takes inventory of your shape and size. The very soft synthetic material is flexible allowing the airbags and massage roller to make seamless contact with the your whole body while being easy to maintain.

What it Offers

Aside from aesthetics of the Cozzia 16027, it comes equipped with a wide variety of features. These include 2 Zero Gravity Settings, One button recline, 5 Strength and intensity settings (most chairs have 3), 6 automatic programs, Vibration Therapy, and an adjustable foot rest. This allows for multiple users with multiple needs. It takes several 15-30 minute sessions to fully understand everything that the massage chair has to offer.

Sitting in the Massage Chair
From a user perspective, the massage chair offers a unique blend of massage therapy. When you’re in the Zero Gravity Recline, the massage rollers reach deeper and offer a stronger massage. The Smart Massage program squeezes the body while the footrest adjusts and the back reclines to offer a deep stretch technique. This is great for the front of the legs, lower legs, and lower back. They also offer partial massage so you can manually adjust the massage rollers to focus on problems areas like the neck, back, and lumbar area.

Closing Thoughts
All in all, we are very impressed with the strength of the massage rollers, airbags, and overall ease of use of the Cozzia 16027 massage chair. It also comes with a convenient wireless remote allowing the user to adjust strength and intensity when reclined. You can also purchase the Cozzia 16027 at an affordable price of $2599. We are compare the Cozzia 16027 massage chair against the Osaki OS-4000. Check out the full line of Cozzia Massage Chairs including the 16027 by visiting our preferred partners at

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