Massage Chair Comparison

Two very well known massage chair brands – Osaki and Cozzia – have made some very high quality and highly desirable massage chairs. We’ve had a lot of visitors ask us about two massage chairs that seem to be very similar; the Osaki Os-4000 vs Cozzia EC363e. We decided to look into this further and below is a full comparison of both of the chairs. As you will see there are more similarities than differences.

Osaki Os-4000 vs Cozzia EC363e Massage Chair Comparison

Osaki Os-4000 vs Cozzia EC363e | Massage Roller

The Osaki OS-4000 massage chair and the Cozzia EC363e massage chair both have a 2D roller built on an S-track. This design makes the roller conform to the body and provide a smoother massage. Both chairs have 5 levels of adjustable strength and different speed settings to the roller along with 3 width settings for the rollers.

Osaki Os-4000 vs Cozzia EC363e |Airbags

Both the Osaki Os-4000 and Cozzia EC363e have a lot of airbags placed throughout the chair. This includes the shoulders, back, seat, arms, calves, feet, neck, and hips. They both give a very comprehensive airbag massage experience and offer 3 levels of air massage strength. The Os-4000 has higher quality multi-layered airbags with 48 total, where the EC363 only has 35.

Osaki Os-4000 vs Cozzia EC363e | Automatic Programs

Both chairs have 6 automatic programs to choose from as well as spot massage programs to massage different parts of the body. The Cozzia EC363e does have the Cozzia specific Jacuzzi program which is a full body relaxation program. The Osaki Os-4000 has a specific programs as well that range from relaxation techniques to full body rigorous massage.

Osaki Os-4000 vs Cozzia EC363e | Special Features

Both chairs have some cool special features. This includes an easy to use remote with wireless mini remote. They both have 2 stage Zero Gravity positions that help enhance relaxation and intensify the massage experience. Both chairs have heat located in the lower lumbar as well. This helps warm up the muscle tissue in the lower back and make the massage more effective and satisfying. Not to mention, it feels really good.

Osaki Os-4000 vs Cozzia EC363e |Differences

One of the main differences of the chairs is the general look of the chair. The Osaki Os-4000 has a more rounder design where the Cozzia EC363e has a more modern look with harder lines. The EC363e also has a lift feature to help people stand up out of the chair while the Os-4000 does not. The Os-4000 comes in 4 different colors – Black, Brown, Cream, and Charcoal. The EC363e comes in two colors, Black and Brown. Both chairs have a different manufacturers warranty. The Cozzia EC363e has a 2 Year Warranty for parts replacement and 1 year of in-home service. The Osaki Os-4000 has a 3 Year Warranty on the framework, 2 years of parts replacement, and 1 year of in-home service. Each chair is also priced differently with the EC363 retailing for $3299 and the Os-4000 retailing for $2895.

Osaki Os-4000 vs Cozzia EC363e |Conclusion

People who have tried both the Os-4000 and EC363e will realize how very similar these chairs are. For people looking to try the Cozzia EC363e, you can find this at Relax The Back stores. The Osaki OS-4000 isn’t as widely available. but you can start by contacting online retailers, or their local furniture stores to see if they carry the chair. We invite any readers to leave their thoughts or ask any questions they may have. If you’re looking to buy the Osaki Os-4000 massage chair, a good place to start is by visiting the Massage Chair Experts at


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