In the exciting world of in-home massage, massage chairs are getting better and better every year. This year marks the emergence of Tablet and Touch Screen remote controlled chairs. Some of the top brands have even introduced Apps to run on iPhone, and Android Devices, and you’ll find them on the Ogawa Smart 3D, Cozzia 629, Cozzia 630, and the Luraco 7 massage chairs. Since massage chairs are becoming more complex, the ease in which you use your chair becomes more important. These Apps and Tablets turn your massage into a true on-demand experience. Below is our Review of the Top Tablet controlled chairs.


Ogawa Smart 3DOgawa Smart Tablet
We start with the newly released by Ogawa. This chair is called the Ogawa Smart 3D and is available in-store and online. This chair has been highly anticipated since it was announced in 2015. This chair comes with some of the most advanced massage chair features and the easiest remote control on the market.

When I first tried the chair I was impressed by the quality of the interior, the comfort, and ease of use of the Samsung Tablet. The Tablet comes equipped with the Ogawa App and Wifi. This makes it possible to get a massage, watch movies, surf the Internet, or listen to music. This chair also has 17 Automatic programs that range from Stretch to Relax, as well as Unlimited Profiles so you can create as many custom programs as you want. You can also easily change the intensity of the massage with 6 different strength settings. There are armrest controls to quickly get into the Zero Gravity position. Another feature that’s worth mention is the Whispersync technology. Whispersync is designed to make these one of quietest chairs on the market. There are a ton of other options that you can check out by reading Our Ogawa Smart 3D preview. Check out the list of Pro’s & Cons below.Ogawa Smart 3D

-20 Year Brand

-Highly Rated Online Reviews

-Available for Purchase Online & In-store

-Samsung Tablet with Ogawa App

-Modern Styling

-Not as widely available to try In-Store



Cozzia 629
Cozzia 629 TabletNext is the Cozzia 629 massage chair. This chair was also released this year and has been a highly anticipated chair like the Ogawa. You’ll primarily find this chair in-store but not online.

The 629 is easily one of Cozzias most advanced chairs. My first impression of this massage chair was the more traditional style. The chair was comfortable but did seem bulky compared to other chairs. This chair has 21 Automatic Programs, a 3D massage roller, and armrest controls. This chair is also powered by a Cozzia App that runs on a Wifi enabled tablet. Check out some of the Pro’s and Con’s below.

Cozzia 629 Massage ChairPros
-Available for Purchase In-Store

-Samsung Tablet with Cozzia App

-Not Available Online

-No Online Reviews



Luraco 7
Luraco 7 Remote
The Luraco 7 doesn’t have a Samsung Tablet remote but does have a touch screen remote. This chair is also designed here in the USA. You’ll find this chair both in store and online.


The first time I tried the Luraco 7 I noticed the Leather on the arms, neck, and leg area. This chair also has a more contemporary look than other chairs. This chairs remote is a touch screen remote that utilizes an iPhone style. The icons are laid out clearly and controlled with submenus. This massage chair has a 3D roller, full body airbag system, and user profiles. The user profiles allow you to save all the changes after a massage. This chair has 9 automatic programs and other add-ons like a blood pressure monitor. This chair has a high quality and is a product of the USA.Luraco 7 Massage Chair

-High Rating

-Available Online & In-Store

-Traditional Styling

-Remote Is Not a Tablet

-No Wifi



Cozzia 630
Cozzia cz630 tabletThe next chair is the Cozzia 630 tablet remote chair. This chair is a more basic version of the 629, and the tablet is connected to the chair. It is powered by a basic app and has no internet connectivity. My first impression was the upholstery was nice but not as high quality as the other chairs on this list. It has 8 Auto Programs, 6 massage methods, and an adjustable 3D roller. I found this chair easy to controlled but the functions were very limited. Below is a brief list of the Pro’s & Con’s.

cozzia cz630 massage chairPros
-Available In-Store

-3D Massage Roller

-No Samsung Tablet


-Limited Programs


Final Thoughts
In review it was a lot of fun to try all of these chairs. I feel very familiar with the chairs and still put these models above many of the other chairs I’ve tried, like the Inada and Japanese Models.

The ease of use on many of these chairs is amazing, and its worlds apart from a chair that isn’t controlled by a Tablet. However, the quality of the massage is something I always pay strong attention too. I want the chair to be simple to use, but I also want it to give me an effective massage. Each chair on this list has a 3D massage Roller. This allows you to make changes to the depth and intensity of the massager in the back. I find this to be one of the best massage features because it can please most everybody. To take it a step further I also really like the Ogawa Smart 3D and the Luraco 7. The Luraco had a notice high quality and felt very firm, but I did find the remote a bit tough to navigate. The Ogawa Smart seemed light years ahead. Everything felt so comfortable, so smooth, and so easy to access. The Cozzia 630 comes in 3rd and the Cozzia 629 4th.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tablet chairs check out the Ogawa Smart 3D at

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