What is the best Osaki Massage Chair on the market today?

This is an excellent question, and it varies depending on what you’re looking for in a massage chair. Osaki offers over 35 models from $2,000 to $10,000, and it can get quite overwhelming trying to choose which one is the best for you. I have used all the Osaki massage chairs and have listed my top picks below. These models have a proven track record and are highly reviewed on the top massage chair websites with consistent 5-star reviews.

Osaki OS-4000T – https://emassagechair.com/products/osaki-os-4000t-massage-chair

Osaki Pro Alpina – https://emassagechair.com/products/osaki-os-pro-alpina-massage-chair

Osaki Pro Admiral II – https://emassagechair.com/products/osaki-os-pro-admiral-massage-chair

Osaki Pro First Class – https://emassagechair.com/products/osaki-os-pro-first-class-massage-chair

Osaki Pro Maestro LE – https://emassagechair.com/products/osaki-os-4d-pro-maestro-le-massage-chair

Is Osaki a good massage chair brand?

Yes, Osaki massage chair is a great brand, and they are the most prominent massage chair distributor in North America. In addition, they were one of the first companies to sell massage chairs in North America and have been in business for over 20 years.

Who to purchase an Osaki massage chair from?

We recommend purchasing from a store that is dedicated to selling massage chairs. They will have the best customer service and return policy. Do not purchase from a company that does not have a return policy.

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