BestMassage EC06 review uncovers the truth about this bargain-basement full body electric massage chair

BestMassage EC06 ReviewThe BestMassage EC06 is one of the cheapest chairs you can find at online health and beauty retailers as well as sites like NewEgg, Amazon, NewEgg, and eBay.

Cheap. We’re choosing that word carefully. This chair is not just “affordable,” or “inexpensive.” It is cheaply made, with cheap materials and yesterday’s roller technology. The BestMassage EC06 doesn’t have the advanced 3D roller technology found in bestselling full body massage chair recliners like the Titan Pro Executive.

But we’ll go into more depth on the problems with the EC06 in the “cons” section of our BestMassage EC06 review. For now, let’s focus on the positive.

BestMassage EC06 Review Pros

Enjoy up to 30 minutes of full body massage

Many competing lower-end chairs offer only 15 to 20 minutes of massage time. The BestMassage EC06 extends the massage experience up to a full 30 minutes if you desire.

20 airbags in the lower part of the recliner provide compression massage therapy The BestMassage ECO6 has 20 airbags in the seat, legs, and feet for a full compression massage. But users with wider legs said the airbags pinched their calves.

The massage chair also has flip-up armrests. You raise the armrest, which is wooden on one side and material on the other. Place your arm inside and the airbags will inflate in waves to provide a relaxing arm massage. But if you are too tall or have heavier arms, your arms won’t fit properly for the air massage.

Heat therapy on waist and feet elevates your comfort

The heat on the BestMassage EC06 isn’t just concentrated in the back of the chair. The chair delivers heat to the bottom of your feet, promoting relaxation and enhancing circulation, according to some reports. If you live in a colder part of the world, it definitely feels comfy on cold winter nights.

Stretched foot rest accommodates users of different heights

BestMassage EC06 boasts a stretched foot rest design to accommodate users of different heights.

Longest roller track at this price point

Unlike many other massage chairs at this price point, the BestMassage EC06 rollers extend down to the buttocks and up into the neck providing tension relief and promoting relaxation.

Choose from 4 pre-programmed massage modes and more

The BestMassage EC06 offers four massage programs: Extend, Relax, Recovery, and Refresh. Adjust them to your preferred intensity for greater comfort.

The programs combine popular massage techniques such as shiatsu, rolling, kneading, and vibrational motions at varying intensities, plus airbag massages on your limbs and waist.
You can also use the intuitive LED push-button controller to design your own program.

Automatic recliner for ease of use

BestMassage EC06 ReviewTwo electric actuators function separately to recline the backrest and extend the stretched foot rest. The chair reclines to a full lying down position and the stretched root rest extends so your feet are in-line with your body.

One nice feature: If you set the “sleep” function on the remote, the massage chair recliner remains in the reclined position even after your massage is complete.

The BestMassage EC06 does not have a zero gravity setting, so it does not recline beyond 90 degrees to place the feet above the heart for a feeling of weightlessness, like the luxurious Ogawa Refresh Plus massage chair.


BestMassage EC06 Review Cons

When it comes to luxury massage chairs, you get what you pay for. The BestMassage EC06 maintains its spot as a number one bestseller with online health and beauty retailers because it is affordable.

But dig deeper into the consumer reviews, and you’ll see this electric massage chair falls short of buyer expectations over time.

Not designed for taller or larger people

The BestMassage EC06 promises a “stretched foot rest” to accommodate taller users. But users over 6’2” said they had trouble fitting comfortably in the chair. Likewise, users under 5’5” had problems enjoying the “stretch” massage setting.

Some assembly required

Many BestMassage EC06 reviews stated the massage chair recliner shipped without an instruction booklet. Others said the instructions were difficult to follow. But, fortunately, most said the chair was not hard to put together, even without instructions.

One reviewer reported they had to remove their bedroom door from the hinges to get the box inside their room.

Amazon reviewers found chair didn’t work correctly, right out of the box
A percentage of reviewers said the chair didn’t work after they unpacked and assembled it. For instance, one wrote, “Product did not work as advertised. Control pad was faulty, causing sporadic malfunctions.”
About 11% of Amazon reviewers gave the chair only 1 or 2 stars. Another review site stated the chair has an 8% failure rate immediately after purchase. The chair costs under $1,000, making it an excellent bargain. But if you have to return the chair for repair, you’ll have to pay $300 shipping. Most people cannot fix the chair themselves.

BestMassage EC06 reviews report failure after 4 to 6 months

Another percentage of reviewers said the chair stopped working after about 4 to 6 months, and many more reported product failure after one year.

One BestMassage EC06 review on Amazon explained the problem well: “Here is one question you have to ask yourself, how many people that gave this chair a 5-star rating may have given it that rating before it broke down on them? So many people have given this a 1-star rating and said the same thing: “It broke down inside of a year.” I had mine for 2 months and it broke down. If it’s this big of a gamble, why not just look for a different chair and pretend this one doesn’t exist?”

No customer service or support

A broken massage chair may not be a big deal if you have a reliable extended warranty to repair or replace the chair for free. But BestMassage and its distributor, Cavalier Wholesale doesn’t always respond to consumers who have an issue with their chairs. (We reviewed Cavalier Wholesale here.)

Many consumers who wrote a BestMassage EC06 review reporting problems with the electric full body massage chair said they could not reach the company and customer service representatives were not returning their phone calls.

You may have to pay for shipping, as well as parts and repairs

Most malfunctions cannot be fixed in the field, so customers are stuck paying $300 to ship the chair back for repair, along with paying for parts and repairs if the chair is more than one year old.

No extended warranty options

If your BestMassage electric massage chair breaks within the first 12 months, you may still be covered under the one-year warranty. If you can get in touch with the company and prove you didn’t break the chair, it may be repaired free of charge.

However, if the chair breaks after the first year, as many do, you have no option but to pay for shipping, parts, and repair if you wish to keep the massage chair. At this price, many consumers view the BestMassage EC06 as a “disposable” purchase and decide to get rid of the massage chair and buy a different one. But the chair is not very comfortable as a standard recliner, and you’ll have to pay to have the chair removed.

Massage chair experts offer an extended warranty that covers parts and labor for up to five years after purchase. Online retailers like offer a “Repair or Replace” promise from an equally reputable warranty company, giving you peace of mind that your purchase will be with you for at least five years, and probably even longer.


BestMassage EC06 Review Pros

  • Affordable price
  • Extra-long massage track extends to the neck
  • Four pre-programmed massage settings
  • Stretched foot rest
  • 30 minutes of full body massage
  • Bestselling model in BestMassage line

BestMassage EC06 Review Cons

  • Poor customer service
  • Buyer pays return shipping if there is a problem
  • No extended warranty available
  • Curbside delivery
  • Assembly required
  • Reports of parts breaking after a year
  • Malfunctions reported right out of the box
  • Limited height adjustment
  • No zero G setting
  • Arm massage not suitable for muscular or heavier people

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