The Cozzia EC-618 massage chair is one of the most popular massage chairs from Cozzia. Since its release it quickly became top sellers among other brands like Panasonic, Ogawa, Osaki, and Infinity. Unfortunately this massage chair is not available for purchase online. We wanted to help online shoppers by offering a couple recommendations that we feel are comparable in terms of features and quality. Check them out below.

Cozzia EC-618 Massage Chair Alternatives

Osaki Os-3D Pro Dreamer

Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair
The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer is almost identical to the Cozzia EC-618 massage chair. They are even made in the same factory. Both massage chairs have a 3D roller, simple and easy to use remote, foot rollers, and a nice snug fit when sitting in the chair, plenty of airbags, Zero Gravity Recline, and Chromotherapy. The main difference is the overall design of the chair, but the overall massage experience is very similar The Osaki Os-3D Pro Dreamer also speakers located up near the headrest that is very easy to activate. You can plug any MP3 device directly into the chair and play music at any time. Both of these chairs have similar upholstery that looks nice and is very comfortable. Any shopper looking for an alternative to the Cozzia EC-618 will be very pleased with the Osaki Os-3D Pro Dreamer.

Check it out here – Apex AP-Pro Lotus
Apex AP-Pro Lotus
Apex AP-Pro Ultra Massage Chair Black
The Apex Ap-Pro Lotus is another great 3D massage chair.  It is similar in size and massage experience to the Cozzia EC-618 massage chair. It also features many of the same features: advanced body scan technology, 2 stage zero gravity, heat, foot rollers, and a full body air compression system. The Apex Lotus also has adjustable shoulder airbags, space saving technology, and a downloadable app to control the remote and music for both Apple and Android phones.  The Apex Lotus is known to be a deep tissue massage chair with multiple roller adjustments. It is a perfect alternative to the Cozzia 618 massage chair and you can usually find it for a good price online.

Check it out here – Apex AP-Pro Lotus


Ogawa Active Supertrac
Ogawa Active SuperTrac Massage Chair
If you liked the quality of the Cozzia EC-618, then you will love the Ogawa Active SuperTrac. This is very similar massage experience to the 618 in terms of the massage movements. The overall features are pretty much the same. They both have advanced rollers with more sophisticated massage movements, dual action foot rollers, multiple levels of adjustments, and zero gravity recline. The main difference is that the Ogawa Active does not have 3D roller technology, but rather exclusive roller technology that Ogawa calls the “SuperTrac”. This is extended roller technology that allows the rollers to massage the entire back from the neck to the glutes. While 3D roller technology is a nice feature to have, there are definitely more benefits to having the extended roller with glute massage. This is definitely a nice alternative to the Cozzia EC-618, and the glute massage is a major plus.

Check it out here – Ogawa Active Supertrac


Final Thoughts

Hopefully shoppers find this comparison useful. There are many choices when it comes to buying a massage chair but for those looking for a chair that is almost identical, or one that has a very easy to use and firm massage roller like the Cozzia EC-618, these are all viable options. If you plan on purchasing online, please make sure to check out for the best deals and the best service.


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3 Responses

  1. Ronald Ries

    Just bought a Cozzia Serenity massage chair in Vegas National Finals tradeshows threw a Mattress Firm outlet. Could not find this chair (Cozzia Serenity) or reviews any where on Internet Asked MF sales rep why this was, he said the Serenity was made exclusivsely for MF Is this true & what do you know about this chair? After testing this chair twice my wife feel in love with it she has had cronic back pain foryears after being run after by a high speed snow boarders on a ski hill!! Wife believes this chair could relieve her of the weekly visits to chiropractor & massage tharepist Sales rep said chair comes with 2 yr parts & labor warr. I can purchase 1 additional yr . I asked where the nearest searvice center was , they have not suplied that info yet. Rep said not a problem because chair is covered by a national coverage they have to repair it no mater where it is . What doyou know about this?? I am from north centeral Montana , 30 miles from to Canada border. ZIP 59425 If there closed services is 800 miles away , how prompt will they be if I need services??? Your thougths please . I Believe this chair can do wonders if all works well.

    • Stephanie Cunningham

      Hi Ronald,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m not terribly familiar with Mattress Firm and we haven’t heard of the Cozzia Serenity. However we do know of all their chairs and they most likely gave it a special name for that store. Cozzia has a good warranty program and with all warranty programs from the manufacturers they will provide national coverage, through what’s commonly known as the technician network. Now in your case since you live in a somewhat rural area the repair process, if a repair is needed, will take longer than normal. In most cases once a claim is submitted the manufacturer will supply replacement parts and help coordinate a technician to repair it. This process can take 2-3 weeks to maybe a month for someone living in a more rural area. There are a lot of great massage chairs out there! Thanks again for the feedback Ron we hope that helps.