Infinity Presidential Review – The Infinity Presidential Luxury Massage Chair Competes with the Best of the Best.

The Infinity Presidential Massage Chair is designed to compete with bestsellers like the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro, Human Touch Novo XT, and the bestselling Cozzia Qi

Those in the market for a high-end luxury massage chair now have yet another solid choice: The Infinity Presidential zero gravity massage chair. Packed with useful features and the latest technology, this hybrid L/S track, 3D massage chair delivers a powerful and effective massage that those looking for a deep tissue workover will love.

Read our Infinity Presidential review to learn more about our favorite features and what you can expect in this zero gravity massage chair.


Infinity Presidential Review Pros


Extra-long hybrid SL-track delivers effective massage from head to thighs

The hybrid SL-track of the Infinity Presidential massage chair conforms to your neck and spine for a deep tissue massage. It also extends to the middle of your thighs, working the glutes and hamstrings in a way compression massage doesn’t. The 49-inch track is one of the longest available, allowing the chair to fit taller users comfortably.

Quad-style massage rollers with 3D technology deliver more human-like massage

Many high-end massage chairs today employ Japanese-designed quad rollers that better mimic the feel of human hands, combined with 3D technology for a more effective deep tissue massage. The Infinity Presidential roller technology is as good as anything else available today. Only the Cozzia Qi, which boasts 4D technology for even deeper penetration, uses a more advanced roller mechanism design.

Heated rollers, plus back and foot heat, soften muscle tissue for a more effective massage

If you’re aware of the therapeutic benefits of heat for muscle recovery and pre-workout stretching, then you want a heated massage chair to maximize the benefits of your in-home massage. Many massage chairs deliver heat to the lower back through heating mechanisms in the padding. But the Infinity Presidential uses heated rollers for more intense heat penetration, greater comfort, and a more effective heated massage. You can even adjust the heat to seven different settings, which is just one example of the customization available in this luxury massage chair.

In addition to the heated rollers, the Infinity Presidential also has heated pads in the lumbar region and in the feet for greater comfort and relaxation.

3D body scan technology delivers a customized massage

Infinity Presidential 3D RollersEach person’s individual physique places pressure points at slightly different positions on their back. The Infinity Presidential uses 3D body scan technology to detect those pressure points and apply an intense massage in those areas.

The body scan technology is especially effective in the neck and shoulder region. Many massage chairs don’t deliver a precise massage in these areas, due to variation’s in users’ bodies.

The Infinity Presidential employs a feature called Accu-Roll technology, which uses data from the body scan to tailor shoulder-specific massage movements for these regions.

Feeling muscle soreness? Want to target your massage yourself? Override the chair’s settings and choose your own pressure points.

More automatic programs and customization options than other chairs in its class

The Infinity Presidential massage chair has 12 automatic massage programs, delivering something for everyone. The Music Sync option matches the rhythm of the massage to the music playing through the chair’s integrated Bluetooth speakers for an intensely immersive experience. You will not find this feature on many other chairs, regardless of price.

The 12 programs incorporate eight different massage techniques: Rubbing, Kneading, Finger Kneading, Knead and Tap, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu, and Pulse Shiatsu. You can also program your own massage combining these techniques.

Reflexology foot rollers relax and rejuvenate the feet and calves

The Infinity Presidential massage chair has an enclosed ottoman to deliver a reflexology foot massage on the top and bottom of your feet. With three rollers for each foot, the chair focuses on vital pressure points to relax and rejuvenate tired feet.

Dual zero gravity stages make it possible to find the best position for your most comfortable massage

Infinity Presidential Zero GravityMany chairs at this price point offer a zero-gravity feature. Once again, the Infinity Presidential goes above and beyond to offer two-stage zero gravity. The deep recline lifts the feet way above the heart for a feeling of weightlessness and a more immersive massage.

The benefits of zero gravity massage include improved circulation and reduced blood pressure.

The Infinity Presidential massage chair has a second zero setting, which provides the benefits of elevating the feet above the heart while allowing the user to also watch television in the reclined position.

Apple and Android apps complement intuitive remote control

The Infinity Presidential remote control, allowing you to choose from eight massage functions and 12 automatic programs, is easy to use. Select variable speeds and strengths for a custom massage. You can also control the massage chair from an app on your smartphone, offering greater ease of use and a familiar interface.

While some top-of-the-line massage chairs now offer tablet control, a wired remote combined with smartphone control capabilities delivers the best of both worlds.

Extensive network of airbags provides true, full-body massage

Infinity Presidential AirbagsAs with most high-end massage chair models, the Infinity Presidential is stocked with airbags for a compression massage. Particularly noteworthy are the ones located on the sides of the chair’s seat, delivering a hip and thigh compression massage.

These airbags come into play during the massage chair’s “Stretch” program, which is a highly effective massage for pre- and post-workout massage therapy.

The Infinity Presidential includes airbags in the arms, legs, calves, feet, seat, and shoulders for an immersive massage experience that targets every part of the body comfortably and effectively.

Space-saving design allows the Infinity Presidential to fit comfortably in nearly any room

Unlike many high-end massage chairs, the Infinity Presidential uses an innovative track design to minimize wall clearance requirements. That is to say: You can place the Presidential as close as four inches from the wall and still recline to the maximum zero gravity position. As the chair reclines, it also slides forward.


Infinity Presidential Review Cons

Not everyone will enjoy the rough yet realistic massage of the 3D rollers

The Infinity Presidential’s body scan technology and hybrid LS-track enables it to deliver a deeper massage. But not everyone enjoys such a strong massage. Add heat and it may become too much for massage newbies to take.

Likewise, the shiatsu foot rollers on the top and bottom of your feet may not be comfortable for everyone.

The chair may require an adjustment period but, with time, most people begin to love the experience of a deep tissue massage.

Enclosed ottoman may not accommodate larger feet

Infinity Presidential Foot MassageWhile the enclosed ottoman with shiatsu foot massage on both the upper and lower portions of your feet helps reduce pain and rejuvenate tired joints and muscles, it may not accommodate anyone with a Men’s Size 12 foot or larger.

On the plus side, however, the leg rest does extend up to 7 inches to fit taller users.

No LED chromotherapy function

Some of today’s high-end massage chairs, including the Cozzia Qi, use LED chromotherapy for a more immersive massage experience. These LED lights bathe the room in soothing colors.

However, even some popular models like the Human Touch Novo XT lack this technology. There is a good chance you won’t miss it if you like what the rest of our Infinity Presidential review has to say and decide to invest in this massage chair.

Few Infinity Presidential reviews from consumers

The Infinity Presidential is just about a year old and, until recently, has only been sold through one retailer. This means unsolicited consumer feedback and Infinity Presidential reviews are hard to find. The feedback is very positive on massage chair websites that did their own Infinity Presidential review, with the chair receiving 4.5 stars and up.

If you purchase the Infinity Presidential, you are investing in the latest massage chair technology. Just keep in mind that this chair has not been around long enough to garner consumer accolades. The Infinity brand, however, has been proven to stand the test of time.

High price may scare value-conscious consumers

With a retail price just under $10,000, and a sale price over $7,000, the Infinity Presidential is not a casual investment. For that much money, you want a massage chair you will absolutely love.

After reading our Infinity Presidential review, you should be better equipped to determine if the Infinity Presidential is the chair for you.

If you are prepared to invest this much in a massage chair, you may want to read up on other massage chairs in the same class, such as the Human Touch Novo XT or the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro. Whatever chair you choose, you want to know you’ve done your research.


Infinity Presidential Review Pros

  • Extra-long hybrid LS-track
  • Space-saving design requires only four inches of wall clearance
  • Quad-head, 3D heated rollers
  • Back and foot heat
  • 12 massage programs, 8 massage techniques
  • Bluetooth speakers and music synch function
  • Body scan technology for a customized massage
  • Enclosed ottoman with Reflexology foot rollers for top and bottom of feet
  • Two stages of zero gravity
  • Airbags for a full body compression massage
  • Intuitive LED controller plus Android and iPhone app


Infinity Presidential Review Cons

  • High price
  • Ultra-deep massage may not be comfortable for beginners
  • Enclosed ottoman may not accommodate larger feet
  • New model
  • High price
  • No LED chromotherapy


Infinity Presidential Review: The Bottom Line

If you are a newcomer to massage chairs, you may find the quad-head 3D rollers a bit too much to handle. But you will most likely get used to it and love how the Infinity Presidential massage chair leaves you feeling loose and limber.

The Infinity Presidential is stocked with multiple pre-programmed massage options, dual foot rollers (top and bottom), and all the features you’d expect in a massage chair of this price. You should consider the Infinity Presidential if you are looking for a best-in-class massage chair that will provide you with years of relaxation and enjoyment.

However, don’t commit after reading just one Infinity Presidential review. Explore your options and consider other chairs, such as the Human Touch Novo XT, Osaki OS-Pro Maxim, Ogawa Active L, or the new Osaki OS-Pro Maestro.

Learn more about the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair.