Infinity Massage Chair Review

New for 2013, the Infinity IT-8100 massage chair offers tension and stress relief through full body massage, and foot rollers for an invigorating reflexology massage at an affordable price. The Infinity IT-8100 has many of the features and benefits of units costing twice as much. It is designed it to include the most desirable massage chair functions: full arm and calf massage, mechanical rollers for your soles of your feet, four auto programs, 6 fully adjustable therapeutic massage techniques, and much more. The Infinity IT-8100 massage chair also includes a headphone jack to play back your favorite music through an MP3 player.

Infinity IT-8100 Features

Infinity it-8100 massage chairQuad Roller System – The Infinity IT-8100 is equipped with 6 rollers with a 29″ range allow for greater coverage of the spinal musculature while increasing the therapeutic effect of the roll.Very standard in most massage chairs today and great for people from 6’2″ to 4’11”. Although there is not a button on the remote control to adjust the intensity of the rollers, there are 5-speed settings that can be adjusted and that can simulate a more intense massage. The faster the roller mechanism works, the more intense the massage feels. The width adjustment can accommodate larger and smaller body frames and spinal vertebra. Nothing worse than rollers going over a spinal bone. The width adjustment allows for the most comfortable roll for your body. 5 massage techniques are available.

  • Kneading: five speeds
  • Tapping: five speeds and adjustable widths
  • Pummel: five speeds and adjustable widths
  • Wavelet (synchronized kneading & tapping): five speeds
  • Shiatsu: Width adjustable

Mechanical Foot Rollers – You will not find a massage chair at this low of a price-point with mechanical foot rollers. This feature has become is normally found in more expensive massage chair nowadays and Infinite Therapeutics has it included in this very affordable chair. The mechanical foot rollers focus on the acupoints in your feet to relieve the tension. This is called reflexology.

Seat Vibration – Seat vibration is not a very common feature in massage chairs, but it has a very soothing effect. You will enjoy this feature for it’s calming relaxation value.

Airbags – 26 airbags are located throughout the Infinity IT-8100 massage chair. A compression massage is done to give a great massage and to loosen up all that muscle tissue.

  • Air pressure massage for head and neck (2 triple-layers air bags)
  • Air pressure massage for arms (4 air bags each side)
  • Air pressure massage for buttock and hip
  • Air pressure foot massage (total 14 air bags)

Lumbar Heat – A heat pad is located on the lower back of the Infinity IT-8100. This is a nice function to have particularly for people who have low back pain, scar tissue, and/or muscle spasm in the low back. It helps to loosen up the muscle tissue for a better and deeper massage.

Memory Program Setting – The memory program setting allows the chair to remember a program that you particularly liked when using the chair. Just push a button on your next session and you can have the chair recall that exact program. This is great if you use certain programs often. This feature is not commonly seen in massage chairs at this price.

4 Automatic Programs – Easy-to-use preset programs that give you a full, diverse massage with the push of a button.

MP3 Music System with Headphone Jack –  The Infinity IT-8100 come equipped with a headphone input so you can listen to the music you want and enjoy the soothing effect of the massage even more. It is a great way to just get “lost” and relax. Just hook up any MP3 player or your cell phone and enjoy.

Extendable Footrest – A 7.4″ extending ottoman allows for a taller body frame to fit comfortably in the chair.

Body Scan Technology – A feature typical on more expensive massage chairs, the Body Scan  Technology provides a massage that is catered personally to your body type and spinal shape. It scans your entire body to adjust

Infinity IT-8100 Price

If you want to read more about the Infinity It-8100 massage chair or want to learn more about Infinity Massage Chairs visit our preferred partner at

The Infinity It-8100 massage chair is priced at $2895 and comes in Black and Brown. The It-8100 also has a very clean look and doesn’t have a “futuristic look” like many other chairs. If you have any questions about the Infinity It-8100 or other Infinity Massage Chairs, please visit our preferred partners at

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